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The Deception of the Emerald Ring

Download Æ The Deception of the Emerald Ring 106 Nter the streets of nineteenth century England and France Not only has she unearthed secrets that will rearrange history she's dallied with Colin Selwi. After trying to thwart her sister s elopement Letty finds herself compromised and married to Geoffrey Pinchingdale Snipe Feeling he has been trapped into a marriage to the less attractive sister Geoffrey abandons Letty on their wedding night and sets sail for Ireland Feeling humiliated Letty sets off in pursuit but what she doesn t realise is Geoffrey is a spy in the League of the Purple Gentian and he is traveling to Ireland to thwart a French invasion Letty lands right in the middle of a plot that could be the end of the British Empire I haven t read the first two books in the Pink Carnation series and because of that The Deception of the Emerald Ring was not an easy book to get into There are two stories running at the same time Letty and Geoffrey s story in 1803 and Eloise Kelly an historian researching the Purple Gentian in the present day Personally that secondary story didn t work and felt a bit out of place but I did enjoy the main story when I finally figured out what was going on It s a pretty good book but I think if you re interested do yourself a favour and start at the beginning

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Download Æ The Deception of the Emerald Ring 106 Eloise Kelly has gotten into uite a bit of trouble since she started spying on the Pink Carnation and the Black Tulip two of the deadliest spies to sau. Regency Period Irelandimage error

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Download Æ The Deception of the Emerald Ring 106 Ck and sought out a romantic adventure all her own Little does she know that she's about to uncover another fierce heroine running headlong into histor. I so enjoy reading fictional historical events 1803 and Spies and aristocracy in Ireland and England although the publisher has a huge fail since the book takes place in 1803 yet on the cover the woman is dressed in clothes from after the 1850 s I so hate historical mistakes