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review Walker The Rodeo Legend 103 Ilt and ghosts from their pasts stand between them Walker's need to prove himself on the rodeo circuit runs deeper than bragging rights But can Paula risk her healing heart on a troubled man who deliberately puts himself in dange After Walker saves Paula s son she goes out of her way to find and thank him The meeting brings about a connectionAlthough Walker suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome he gets the help he needs to overcome it including therapy going back to his family and participating in the rodeo like he did prior to joining the militaryAs much as I usually hate any book dealing with a military main character this one was decent since it wasn t mentioned in every other sentenceI liked how Paula s son Clay forms a bond with Walker I find it cute but it all happens too uick and Walker acts almost as if he were the child s fatherThe main letdown of the book was the lack of hot romance scenes Nothing went beyond kissing

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review Walker The Rodeo Legend 103 Out of nowhere Walker Cody swoops in and saves Paula Olsen's toddler son from a dog bite Before she can properly thank him the handsome Ira War veteran fades into the crowdWalker's in training to retake his World Champion Bulldog Walker The Rodeo Legend was a big ole tease Although it could just be that I ve been reading far too much erotica lately This was my first Harleuin American romance and also my first by author Rebecca Winters so little did I know going in this was going to be a clean romance In all honesty I d never even heard that term before again possibly too much erotica being read so you can imagine my disappointment when I realized I wasn t ever going to get to see Walker the sexy military cowboy stud naked sighAnyways this turned out to be an okay read meaning I finished it that I d originally picked up because I m a fan of dark tortured heroes military men and cowboys On the surface this ticked all my boxes and started out great however after the introductions the story never really went anywhere The rodeo aspect which was supposed to be a big deal come on its in the title was unfortunately only ever told to us repeatedly mind due but the author never showed us an actual rodeo scene And the heroine don t even get me started The best I can say about her is that she s the kind of girl who wears sensible shoes Of course then we also have her young son and if I had to read one sentence about ear infections Pedialyte or Cheerio s I was going to screamWalker s initial struggles with PTSD are well done however theres a really silly plot thread involving his father and the fact that he d cheated on his mother some 20 years earlier Apparently this horror left bigger scars on Walker then the war or any IED ever did It s a good thing he finally comes to terms with it so he can concentrate on healing those skin grafts I m guessing the message here is that infidelity is worse then warThere were moments of this book however that I enjoyed and I think others with cleaner minds will probably really like this touching contemporary romance so I ll stop the bashing and just give you a brief summery CheersWalker Cody has returned to Wyoming a changed man Recovering from his war injuries and still suffering debilitating flashbacks all he wants now is to isolate himself at his grandfather s cabin and avoid his affluent rodeo family On his way through town he happens upon a parade and without thinking rescues a child from the clutches of some crazed dog Before the young mother can thank him though Walker has disappearedPaula is recently widowed having lost her husband in Ira she s just now starting to get her life back on track and the last thing she needs is to be thinking about is the dark and dangerous cowboy who rescued her son yet she can t seem to stop herself With a war between them our couple forge into a wary friendship Walker is hesitant and Paula is afraid of falling in love again When Walker returns to the dangerous life of the rodeo circuit which runs deep in his blood but not on the page Paula fears she may just lose him forever

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review Walker The Rodeo Legend 103 Ger title The practice rides are bruising but still don't knock thoughts of a certain beautiful young widow and her little boy out of his head And Paula's shocked to realize she has a bad case of Pervasive WalkeritisSurvivors' gu This is one of those books where I wonder how in the world it got published I can t even tell you how the plot or characters were because all the bad writing got in the way Almost every single conversation in the book felt stiff and stilted Seriously I kept picturing puppets instead of people Revelation of key information was sometimes badly timed For instance we know Walker is suffering from PTSD and he doesn t really want his family to know But it isn t until he first goes to see his mother and he s been there for a while that we find out she used to be a nurse and obviously knows what he s going through The author should have told us that she was a nurse and used that point as a reason why Walker stays away Instead we never really understand Walker s reluctance with his family except for that one issue he has with his dad The author also repeats facts in narrative and conversation in close proximity to each other this is a variation on the stiffness of the conversation For instance when Paula s brother and a friend come to visit her the narrative says that they drove up on their bikes to visit Yellowstone Just a few sentences later when Walker comes over Paula tells him they drove up on their bikes to visit Yellowstone Almost a word for word repetition In the above example with Paula s brother we also see another problem that occurs throughout the book the characters give other characters information that doesn t fit with their relationship or their circumstances Sure Walker needed to be introduced to Paula s brother but he didn t need to know all the details of his life He didn t ask and he didn t seem interested anyway Another place I noticed this was early in the book when Paula met with Walker s mother for business Their conversation was way too personal for people who had only met a few times to discuss business especially seeing that Paula was not actually dating Walker Finally the names were too hard to keep straight The town is named after the family Walker is named after an ancestor etc So when the book says Walker I sometimes didn t know whowhat she meant

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