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characters White Ivy Susie Yang é 6 characters Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Susie Yang A dazzling debut novel about a young woman’s dark obsession with her privileged classmate and the lengths she’ll go to win his loveIvy Lin is a thief and a liar but you’d never know it by looking at her Raised outside of Boston she is taught how to pilfer items from yard sales and second hand shops by her immigrant grandmother Thieving allows Ivy to accumulate the trappings of a suburban teen and most importantly to attract the attention of Gideon Speyer the golden boy. Wow There is nothing better than going into a debut and having it blow you away This seems to be the year of fantastic debuts and you just need to add this one to the list This book is a slow burn that is so elouently done that I could not look away I could not put this down it had an almost magnetizing element to it Susie Yang has arrived my friendsIvy Lin is a girl that pulled me in a million directions On one hand I wanted to feel sympathetic towards her Her family immigrated to America where she lived in a low income complex her family struggling to make ends meet As if Ivy didn t have enough personal turmoil trying to fit in her family sent her off to a exclusive school Grove Prep Academy It is here that Ivy gets a taste of the good life and decides it will be hers no matter what the costFor some reason Ivy has that something about her that just draw people to her They would see the good in her yet she was filled with dark disturbing thoughts Her moral lines were not drawn in the sand they seemed to move about whenever she needed something Yet stilleveryone seems to love Ivy She is a master manipulator and knows her game well She makes people want to do things for herAs she struggles to make it to the top stepping on people from her past just how far will she go The ending was one that I never saw coming I loved itHuge shoutout to Simon Schuster for sending this gifted physical copy my way in exchange for an honest review

Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Susie YangWhite Ivy

characters White Ivy Susie Yang é 6 characters Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Susie Yang The entire Speyer clan by attending fancy dinners and weekend getaways to the Cape But just as Ivy is about to have everything she’s ever wanted a ghost from her past resurfaces threatening the nearly perfect life she’s worked so hard to buildFilled with surprising twists and offering sharp insights into the immigrant experience White Ivy is both a love triangle and a coming of age story as well as a glimpse into the dark side of a woman who yearns for success at any cos. Holy hell This book knocked me out A kind of modern Great Gatsby meets Parasite White Ivy offers a look at the perversity of the American Dream and the unrelenting costs of upward mobility and social striving I can t remember the last time I read a debut where I felt like I was in such sure hands the prose is deliciously sharp the plot as tight as a drum and the pacing emotional and otherwise is tuned to such perfection that the oh shit moments hit you right where it hurts I ripped through this one because it s just that good but I know I ll be thinking about it for a long long time God What a book can t wait to go back and read it again

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characters White Ivy Susie Yang é 6 characters Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Susie Yang Of a wealthy political family But when Ivy’s mother discovers her trespasses punishment is swift and Ivy is sent to China where her dream instantly evaporatesYears later Ivy has grown into a poised yet restless young woman haunted by her conflicting feelings about her upbringing and her family Back in Boston when she bumps into Sylvia Speyer Gideon’s sister a reconnection with Gideon seems not only inevitable it feels like fateSlowly Ivy sinks her claws into Gideon and. Many thanks to NetGalley Simon Schuster and Susie Yang for an ARC of this bookDark lyrical and utterly compelling Ivy Ling is a thief and incredibly proud of it She learned her craft under the tutelage of her grandmother who expertly lifts items from garage sales and resells them to make a tidy profit While Ivy is her own headstrong and intelligent young woman the danger of her job is alluring in that she is finally able to own the finery that will help her feel acclimated to her wealthy environment Ivy s ascent into popularity with the wealthy kids at her school comes to an abrupt halt though when Ivy s mother learns of her misdeeds and feels that some time in China will help to straighten out her daughter The narrative then shifts across time filling in the gaps until she returns to the United States determined to forge her own path and once again attain the life she has always secretly felt was meant to be hers Wealthy golden boy Gideon once again catches her eye and Ivy feels all of the same desires rush back to her The only snag in this plan and disruption to her seamless integration into the posh family is the entrance of another figure from Ivy s past the edgy yet fascinating Roux As Ivy gets swept back under his spell which destiny is hers for the taking Can she make a decision before fate makes it for herTo call this book just another thriller in no way would do it justice I was truly floored to find out that this is Yang s first novel Her use of language was absolutely beautiful captivating and almost hypnotic White Ivy manages to blend elements of historical fiction drama and romance while still maintaining the uiet underlying tension of a slow burn thriller from start to finish Yang s imagery similes and metaphors are top notch You can absolutely feel her passion for language and dedication to the craft The novel also definitely has a bildungsroman feel throughout and watching Ivy develop from a young girl to a woman is a haunting yet beautiful transformation The ending of the novel is also really open to interpretation and is certainly a shocker in some respects leaving the reader to decide what sort of destiny is TRULY in store for Ivy and whether or not her choices were wiseor devastatingYang has certainly established herself uickly as an author to watch and White Ivy is destined to be one of November s hottest releases I wholeheartedly recommend this book and will be anxiously awaiting her next releaseSpecial thanks to my GR friends Michael and Christina for putting this amazing book on my radar

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  • White Ivy
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  • 13 January 2019
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