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After the Flood

Read È After the Flood Summary After the Flood Nd information in the few remaining outposts of civilization For seven years Myra has grieved the loss of her oldest daughter Row who was stolen by her father after a monstrous deluge overtook their home in Nebraska Then in a violent confrontation with a stranger Myra suddenly discovers that Row was last seen in a far off encampment near the Artic Circle Throwing aside her usual caution Myra and Pearl embark on a perilous voyage into the icy northern seas hoping against hope that Row will still be thereOn their journey Myra and Pearl join forces with a larger ship an. I won this ARC in a Goodreads giveaway many thanks to the publisher author and Goodreads for this opportunity This was a gut wrenching read full of compelling desperate broken characters grappling with overwhelming grief and various personal traumas while having to dig deep to survive in an unforgiving post apocalyptic nightmarish world I won t soon forget Myra Pearl Daniel or the crew of the Sedna or the bleak world they dare to hope can be remade

Summary After the Flood

Read È After the Flood Summary After the Flood An inventive and riveting epic saga After the Flood signals the arrival of an extraordinary new talentA little than a century from now our world has been utterly transformed After years of slowly overtaking the continent rising floodwaters have obliterated America’s great coastal cities and then its heartland leaving nothing but an archipelago of mountaintop colonies surrounded by a deep expanse of open waterStubbornly independent Myra and her precocious seven year old daughter Pearl fish from their small boat the Bird visiting dry land only to trade for supplies a. Hey my new nickname is FOUCAULT PENDELUM after finishing this book because when it came to give the stars I started swing back and forth between THREE AND FOUR THREE AND FOUR Oh this churning in my stomach would have killed me I should have eaten something strong Best choice was meeting in the middle THREE POINT FIVE Rounded up or down UP OR DOWN So you may call me SEESAW now Okay I gave my decision before throwing up ROUNDED UP FOUR STARSTATA I am personally addicted to the post apocalyptic thrillersci fi books The one and only King s The Stand Max Brooks World War Z Cormac McCarthy s Road Robert McCammon s Swan Song PD James The Children of Men Emily St John Mandel s Station Eleven kind of masterpieces gave me reason to believe the miracles coul

Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê Kassandra Montag

Read È After the Flood Summary After the Flood D Myra finds herself bonding with her fellow seekers who hope to build a safe haven together in this dangerous new world But secrets lust and betrayals threaten their dream and after their fortunes take a shocking and bloody turn Myra can no longer ignore the uestion of whether saving Row is worth endangering Pearl and her fellow travelersA compulsively readable novel of dark despair and soaring hope After the Flood is a magnificent action packed and sometimes frightening odyssey laced with wonder an affecting and wholly original saga both redemptive and astonishing?. 35 starsIn this remarkable debut most of the earth is covered by water after years of devastating flooding Livable land is minimal and raider ships along with breeding ships are a constant danger Civilization has collapsed and there are no basic amenities Myra and her daughter Pearl survive by fishing and trading for basic necessities When Myra hears her older daughter Row who was taken from her 7 years ago was seen alive in a northern community they leave on a dangerous journey by sea to search for her After running into trouble Myra combines forces with the crew of a larger ship and she will stop at nothing in order to find her daughter regardless of the danger or conseuences This is an adventure tale of survival I won t soon forget The world building was well crafted and the image of this new wo

  • Hardcover
  • 419
  • After the Flood
  • Kassandra Montag
  • English
  • 17 April 2017
  • 9780062889362