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review All Night Long A Nannies Novel 103 LYDIA KNOWS SHE blew it big time with Billy and winning him back is her numero uno priority before her endless LA summer finally does come to an endEsme can’t believe that a chica from Echo Park is going to spend senior year at über weal. I like to read all kind of books it keeps things interesting This book is for younger kids teenagers It s a story about 3 girls that are nannies to the rich and famous in Bel Air They are surrounded by movies stars and get to attend the most glamorous parties around All of them fight there own battles and have to deal with all kinds of issues I might be bias as this book is clearly aimed at younger people but these 3 girls get to live a wild life even though they are only 17 years old They get to stay out all night get drunk and have sex as if it s normal for 17 year old kids to do these things It s clear fantasy and teenagers could only dream of living a life like this Every kid dreams of going to parties constantly and having fun all the time Teenagers might enjoy this book but it s not really meant for older people

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review All Night Long A Nannies Novel 103 Nly is she trying to work through her panic attacks but she’s also been thrust into the national spotlight at the trial of Platinum So with all that’s going on why can’t Kiley get the guy she met at the all night party out of her head. ha ha this is one of those books that ur so into the book wen u turn the pg and u see the end and thats how u know ur done with the book so basically u get lost in the book and u dont know wen the book ended until u see the plank pages

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review All Night Long A Nannies Novel 103 Thy Bel Air High let alone that she’ll have her two best friends with her Except there’s one tiny problem the girl Esme was eager to help is slowly stealing Esme’s life Kiley doesn’t know what she’d do without Tom to lean on Not o. i think i put too much hope into this book i thought it is going to be really interesting but it only turn out ok since nothing really happened this book is kind of too lovey dovey because it is all about love and not really anything else if they have something else it would be really great it is basically about people graduating then going on vacation then meeting somebody maybe some people will like but some people won t because there isn t really any tensity to it

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