Bathed in Blood Rogue Angel #53 {Read} BY Alex Archer

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 320
  • Bathed in Blood Rogue Angel #53
  • Alex Archer
  • English
  • 09 November 2019
  • 9780373621736
Bathed in Blood Rogue Angel #53

Bathed in Blood Rogue Angel #53 Read Å 8 Alex Archer ☆ 8 Free read Per into the strange death uncovering troubling scraps of evidence and cover ups Her one lead is an enigmatic retired police officer who has been investigating the disappearance of than twenty women All of them young All of them beautifulThe only way Annja can see to uncover the truth is by becoming the Blood Countess's next victi Despite the impression the book cover gives other than the location the book has nothing to do with Elizabeth Bathory Okay the villain is an older woman draining young girls of blood but it s basically just coincidenceAnnja is visiting Elizabeth Bathory s castle and planning on putting together a segment on the famous killer for her show preferably before her producer finds out and goes crazy over woman who kills beautiful young girls and bathes in their blood to be beautiful While there she finds a nearly dead young woman and gets sucked into the case of a lot of missing girls This leads her to a study looking a blood lineages in the areaA lot of the plot points are pretty standard but all in all it was a fun read over a sunny weekend

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Bathed in Blood Rogue Angel #53 Read Å 8 Alex Archer ☆ 8 Free read The uest for youth only leads to deathThe Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory a true monster of history is one of the most infamous serial killers Said to have murdered 650 young women for their blood she believed bathing in it would preserve her vitality and beauty It's a story that has always fascinated archaeologist and TV host An I have read many Rogue angel and they are either good hit or bad missFor awhile I stopped reading them because of this Well this is a good oneIt starts off at castle Csejte in Hungary where a count is investigating some accusations against the mistress of the castle Elizabeth BathoryIt was said she did dark rituals there Count Thurzo learns these rumors are horrendous that he could have ever imagined He finds bodies of pretty women drained of blood spread about the castle while he is searching for the elusive Countess Does he find Elizabeth What punishment is she given for her many crimes read the bookChapter 2 starts with Annja creed at that same castle putting a show together about the famous Countess which she is going to give as a surprise to her bossProducer Doug Morrell She is driving back to her hotel when her headlights pick up a figure frantically waving their arms by the side of the road She stops to help and figures out what the woman was trying to say Someone needs to be rescued from the cliff As she is rescuing the woman she says one word Krv Grofka which means blood countess Has the blood countess been revived or is someone copying her methods All I can say is read the book

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Bathed in Blood Rogue Angel #53 Read Å 8 Alex Archer ☆ 8 Free read Nja Creed Something so fantastic could only be a story So what is Annja to make of the girl she finds dying on the side of the road from blood lossThere's something eerie in this small Slovakian town where rumors of vampirism hang unspoken in the air Yet out of fear the locals say nothing Shut out by the police Annja only digs dee Horrifyingly gross The sad thing is to think there could be a lab somewhere conducting similar experiments Annja once again finds herself in a pickle