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Firelight Friends Magic Kitten review ↠ 104 Rainbow Magic with whiskers Kara is so excited to be at adventure camp for the summer she'd thought about it every day at school But when some bulli MiauOs gatos n o s o agressivos

review Firelight Friends Magic KittenFirelight Friends Magic Kitten

Firelight Friends Magic Kitten review ↠ 104 Es at the camp start playing mean tricks on both Kara and her new dorm mates she starts to wish she hadn't left home this summer after all Then Kara I was really excited to start a Magic Kitten book and decided to start with the tenth book Firelight Friends because the title and cover illustration intrigued meThe first one wasn t available at our libraryFlame is a majestic young white lion who can disguise himself as a kitty He often appears in a variety of fluffy kitten colours but he has huge green emerald eyes In the story he must hide from his evil uncle called Ebony because he has spies everywhere trying to track him down so that Ebony can kill him and become the heir to the Lion Throne which is in the world that Flame is fromBecause he needs to hide Flame travels to Earth even though he knows his uncle has spies even there on Earth He searches for a young human friend whom he can trust with his secret and rely on for protection In the end he ends up in England at the camp TH Adventure Holidays and reveals himself to Kara Parkes a camper there for 2 weeks He cast a spell on himself so that only Kara could see and hear him because pets were not permitted on camp groundsWith his magic Flame freuently helps Kara and her bunkmates Felicity and Cherry because the boys at the camp are bullying them For example some boys throw biscuits at them while others steal precious toysOn the day of the group pony trek Flame tells Kara that today would be the day his enemies would come but he would find her if he could When they get lost in a thick foggy mist Flame reappears at Kara s side and directs them to a cozy house for the night However a large grey lion soon appears at the doorstep and Kara knows she must say goodbye to her dear friendWhen Kara gets back to camp she learns from the counselor that her beloved pony Amber whose leg was badly strained was almost well like magic Kara believes that this is Flame s final parting gift to herOverall I enjoyed this book very muchMagic Kitten Firelight Friends Sue Bentley Copyright 2007 Puffin Books

review Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ Sue Bentley

Firelight Friends Magic Kitten review ↠ 104 Discovers cute tiny white kitten Flame and suddenly adventure camp starts to look a lot fun The tenth adventure in this addictive sparkly new serie My 6 year old daughter and me read these books together and she loves them These our her new favorite chapter books and she can t wait to read the next one It s magical funny and sincere all at the same time The star raitings on these always come from my daughter I would be inclined to give it 3 4 stars

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