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Read Prison Ramen é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Prison Ramen For all sorts of meals Think of this as a uniue cookbook of ramen hacks Here’s Ramen Goulash Black Bean Ramen Onion Tortilla Ramen Soup The Jailhouse Hole Burrito Orange Porkies chili ramen plus white rice plus ½ bag of pork skins plus orange flavored punch Ramen Nuggets Slash’s J Walking Ramen with scallions Sriracha hot sauce and minced pork Coauthors Gustavo “Goose” Alvarez and Clifton Co. I enjoyed this I really like cookbooks where the food is cooked in clever ways I m impressed how the prisoners figured out how to cook in their cells It was uite ingenious I got some good tips from the book I also use the soak method to cook my ramen I heat up water in my electric kettle pour the boiling water over a bowl of ramen cover it let it soak walk away and come back For some reason it never occurred to me to break up the ramen brick before soaking it I even have a culinary degree What the hell is wrong with me The book told me to do it so now my ramen takes less time to cook and is in smaller pieces for when I make ramelets ramen omeletsThere s recipes than just ramen in the book I have drank a slight variation on the Belushi coffee I used mocha salted caramel creamer cause that s what I had Maybe of a Jim than a John Belushi It does work on perking you the hell up You feel bad or sleepy make a Belushi You ll feel better about life Intensive Care you the hell up You feel bad or sleepy make a Belushi You ll feel better about life

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Read Prison Ramen é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Prison Ramen Llins Jr are childhood friends one an ex con now free and living in Mexico and the other a highly successful Hollywood character actor who’s enlisted friends and celebrities to contribute their recipes and stories Forget flowery writing about precious organic ingredients these stories are a first person firsthand look inside prison life a scared straight reality to complement the offbeat recipes  . A cookbook for ramen and ways to improve on the instant noodles would have been a novelty read except this book also contains stories and anecdotes from those who spent time behind bars and those together make an interesting combination much like the recipes featured that works The title and idea behind the book caught my attention I have little interest in innovative ways to make ramen but I was intrigued about the stories The anecdotes are mainly from the 2 co authors but there are stories from celebrities including Samuel L Jackson Danny Trejo and others The stories are kept bite size no than a page only a few times maybe another page or 2 Each story contains some aspect of prison life captured candidly and compellingly I wouldn t know if they were exaggerated or made up but some of things are incredible to read about It s a whole other world in prison There are some pretty clever ways to make the most of their situation or outsmart the prison guards like transferring notes from a prison to another A good amount of work went into this book to present the stories and recipes in a way that showcases them Each story is a lesson learned and paired with a recipe that matches the story The colors font and designs all go together with the jail theme The recipes are interesting to look at in their innovativeness who d have thought to try those combinations but desperate times and limited resources really force people to be creative There are a few non ramen recipes that show some of that same innovativeness uick read

Free download Å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã Clifton Collins

Read Prison Ramen é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Prison Ramen A uniue and edgy cookbook Prison Ramen takes readers behind bars with than 65 ramen recipes and stories of prison life from the inmatecooks who devised them including celebrities like Slash from Guns n’ Roses and the actor Shia LaBeouf Instant ramen is a ubiuitous food beloved by anyone looking for a cheap tasty bite including prisoners who buy it at the commissary and use it as the building block. Every single one of the short chapters is punctuated by a really rather awful recipe for ramen The ingredients hardly vary but the men must make the most of what they have food and life The chapters are written by the author by various famous people and by inmates and provide the truest picture of prison life I have ever readThe writing might be simple but there is real emotion and experience behind them These are not the stories of journalists going under cover sociologists former prison warders ex prisoners trying to make it as authors or the stories of lifers who ve discovered a literary bent and are protesting their injustice through a book I ve read all those books and I enjoy them and learn from them But they don t make me feelThis book made me feel Their lives are awful The punishment for crime is supposed to be loss of liberty not being sent to an institution that will rob them of their dignity and punish them in completely inhumane ways without any means of defending themselves In effect running a lawless society a society not subject to the laws that sent them thereSociopaths psychopaths gang members the sadly deranged the elderly the inadeuate they are all united by their desire to have some small means of self determination and something better than prison slop to eat hence Prison RamenIt s a stunningly original book A couple of hours read if that but an impression that will stay with me for a long time

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