[PDF/EBOOK] The Night Ranger Author Alex Berenson

  • Hardcover
  • 387
  • The Night Ranger
  • Alex Berenson
  • English
  • 03 October 2018
  • 9780399159725

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Alex Berenson Ô 4 Free read review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Alex Berenson The Night Ranger Free read ✓ 104 Ield And when he arrives he finds that the truth behind the kidnappings is far complex than he imaginedThe clock is ticking The White House is edging closer to an invasion of Somalia Wells has a uniue ability to go undercover and to make things happen but if he can’t find the hostages soon they’ll be dead – and the US may be in a war it never should have begu Another John Wells thriller I hate to use the cliches associated with reading I couldn t put it down or A real page turner but with this book I found myself putting off chores to sit in my chair and read another 50 or so pages instead of doing what needed to be done That doesn t happen too often to me any The only negative I have is Berenson left too many loose ends to this story Some I can understand he would address them in the next novel The relationship with his son for example As his estranged son s phone call was the reason Wells became involved in the search for the kidnap victims in the first place I thought it odd that there was no communication at the end of the book There were a couple of other instances but I ll let other readers form their own opinion on those

review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Alex BerensonThe Night Ranger

Alex Berenson Ô 4 Free read review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Alex Berenson The Night Ranger Free read ✓ 104 Ir own reasons for being there But after twelve weeks they’re ready for a break and pile into a Land Cruiser for an adventureThey get than they bargained for Bandits hijack them They wake up in a hut hooded bound no food or water Hostages As a personal favor John Wells is asked to try to find them but he does so reluctantly East Africa isn’t his usual playing f Love this series however TNR wasnt my favorite John Wells outing Lots of unanswered uestions and the ending felt abrupt The epilogue did not feel like an epilogue to mejust a continuation of the book I would have loved a confrontation with Thompson that explained the motive for him and Scott Also wasnt uite sure what the point of the make out session with the weird lady was all about Maybe to plant the seed that John doesnt have deep feelings for Anne and the return of Exley is nigh Wishful thinking on my part maybe but I dont feel a connection between him and Anne Shes boring Also I had a hard time connecting with the hostages Just when you felt sorry for Gwen she turned into a dumb blonde And all the emphasis on their looks was distracting What happened to Owen He went from mild mannered push over to violent mental case Again distractingScott is murdered right before their eyes and noone sheds a tear I was also left jonesing for action at some pointsHowever the dialogue between John and Wizard was hilarious as were numerous other parts throughout the book I will always read this series but found this outing a little disappointing

Alex Berenson Ô 4 Free read

Alex Berenson Ô 4 Free read review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Alex Berenson The Night Ranger Free read ✓ 104 John Wells enters new territory as he goes underground in East Africa to track four kidnapped Americans and the Somali bandits who snatched them in the tough thoughtful electrifying new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Four friends recent college graduates travel to Kenya to work at a giant refugee camp for Somalis Two men two women each with the I liked this book less than the previous John Wells books but not because the plot seems smaller I actually liked that Wells isn t saving the entire world for once The problem he s solving here seems to have a realistic scale Instead I liked the plot writing and characterization less than in the previous books Wells and Shafer communicate almost entirely by cell phone and nothing in this book advances the plot strand about maneuvering within the CIA The plot also implies a conspiracy that s never really unraveled One major character Owen gets a personality transplant midway through the book that could have been an interesting portrayal of how a retiring nerd chooses to become a leader but isn t Meanwhile all the African characters talk in what sounds like Jamaican patois from a 90s movie which is sort of understandable when they re communicating in English with Wells but makes a lot less sense when they re having pages long conversations with each other presumably in languages they speak fluently Above all I strongly disliked Berenson s portrayal of women not ever his strong suit exactly but not something any of the previous plots has lingered over much In this book there are three main female characters two of whom drop out of the plot entirely the comely kidnapping victim the ugly but smart aid worker and the savvy sexy love interest There is something deeply sexist about the reduction of these women into such stereotypes that is really beneath Berenson s previous level of work and it s especially troubling when combined with the constant patter about rape in this book which just so coincidentally takes place in Africa It would be one thing to have three characters of this type in the story that would be fine in a page turner like this But Berenson doesn t use his narration to portray these women in any detail instead he just flat out says that Moss is plug ugly in Wells s eyes Rather than you know describing what her face looks like None of the women even the kidnapping victim who is a POV character has anything resembling a mental life at least not one that extends to thoughts beyond her looks or effect on men Gwen s inner monologue is patronizing and inane It s hard for the reader to get really worried about this blow up doll being in perilThis goes on and on page after page and I ended the book liking both Wells and Berenson less than I did before reading it I suppose this makes me sounds like a pissed off feminist but when this is the peek we get into the worldview of even a smart guy like Berenson it seems there s a lot to be pissed off aboutThis installment reads as though Berenson has a new editor and that editor is Scott Thompson the book s fratty jerk character Since I actually have some faith in Berenson and actual editor Neil Nyren I ll hope for a better book next time