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Winter Author Ali Smith Download Û 5 Ali Smith Ú 5 characters Winter Bleak Frosty wind earth as iron water as stone so the old song goes And now Art's mother is seeing thingsCome to think of it Art's seeing things himselfWhen four people strangers and family converge on a fifteen bedroo. You re reading the book about the leaves again It s not the same book Same cover image different seasonSo no leaves floating about in this oneNo leaves But lots of floatersLike eye floatersThose and othersYou do like your enigmasPlastic floating across the oceans is no allusive enigma it s very realOh right serious floaters I won t make the joke that wasOr floaters as in people with no fixed place to sleepAnd this book is called Winter BrrrOr chemicals floating about in the atmosphere causing havoc in the food chainIs there nothing fun in this Winter book I mean like ChristmasYou want Christmas This book does Christmas with layers Layers of Christmasses one on anotherOh good Any snow flakes floating aboutSomething white and granular at any rate Possibly nuclearDon t massacre Christmas pleaseTo paraphrase the book you ve done it yourselfMe I love Christmas I especially love the games we played at ChristmasGames There are games floating through these pages alright Word association gamesOh let s play a word association game I ll begin RobinHatredNo You re supposed to say Holly or Berry or Red or somethingI was thinking Red Red as in hatred Red as in tortured Red as in massacred Ugh This book has warped your mind I ll just pretend you said Red and I ll answer GreenGreenham Common Nuclear holono Stop You re warping my mind now WoofBarking mad That s what you are And herAli Smith You re barking up the wrong tree if you think she s crazy There s no one saner She can see the underlying fabric of our world clearer than most Prove itIt s as if she s a torch on high beam shining light into every corner of our time She s even inside my head directing her spotlight into the recesses of my memory Grocer Jack and then out through my eyes so that I can t but see the world clearly myself It s no accident that the characters with most insight in this book are called Lux and IrisAli Smith does sound clearsighted and bright and wiseSnap There s a character called after Wisdom Sophia Though she s sometimes called Philo and she s a bit of a sophistA philosopher do you meanWell a philosopher lite perhaps philo as in phyllofilo pastry according to her sister There s a character called Art too But Ali Smith makes him the most irrelevant of all the characters which is odd given the focus she usually gives to art in her books and in this one too in a way Very odd indeed I m pretending to see what you mean But do carry onWell I was reminded of various pieces of art as I read the early pages of this book I kept thinking of a Brancusi piece like this oneand eventually a completely smooth one like this oneAnd they both reminded me of Barbara Hepworth s sculptures which were mentioned briefly in Autumn like this one for exampleOr this one containing a little shape as smooth as a Brancusi Hmm They are very beautiful but kind of enigmatic What do they mean Well the thing is Hepworth s sculptures turn up again in Winter and they led to an explosion of understanding for me as a reader I saw them as representing both books What was absence in one was presence in the other what was loss was gain what was missing was found But neither book had a monopoly on the lost and found or on the absence and the presence Both contain both And I came to realise that all the themes from the first were threaded through the second the movement of peoples the lies of politicians the brutality of soldiers the accumulations of useless stuff sister versus sister and of course art versus politics So you were reading the same book after all Yes Both contain both And when Spring comes out I know I ll find a third layer of the same warp and woof I can t wait to read itconversation continued in Spring

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Winter Author Ali Smith Download Û 5 Ali Smith Ú 5 characters M house in Cornwall for Christmas will there be enough room for everyoneWinter It makes things visible In Ali Smith's Winter life force matches up to the toughest of the seasons In this second novel in her Seasonal cycle the. OK I surrender Upgraded to 5 stars as Ali Smith has made complete fools of us all myself includedEveryone spent so long looking for micro links between the two novels no one at least not in any review on GR as at 9 November 2017 had spotted other than as the merest teasing hint the glaring and very explicit link between the two books the Daniel Sophie tryst in Paris that is in the first pages of Autumn and the last pages of Winter complete with dates and details The mundane truth was he d bought that postcard Boubat he took it when he visited the city of love with yet another woman he wanted to love him but she didn t course she didn t a woman in her forties a man in his late sixties well be honest nearer seventy and anyway he didn t love her either Not truly Matter of profound mismatch nothing to do with age since at the Pompidou Centre he d been so moved by the wildness in a painting by Dubuffet that he d taken his shoes off and knelt down in front of it to show respect and the woman her name was Sophie something had been embarrassed and in the taxi to the airport told him he was too old to take off his shoes in an art gallery even a modern oneIn fact all he can remember of her is that he d sent her a postcard he wished afterwards he d kept for himselffrom WinterAnd she even anticipated my review of Winter when she wrote Autumn The first line of the last chapter It was early November like Winter than Autumn Ali Smith a true genius Early November still Autumn an odd time to launch a book called Winter The clocks have gone back making it dark by mid afternoon Cold mornings make you wish you d worn a coat but then overcrowded overheated commuter trains made you wish you hadn t And as the Halloween goods are cleared from the shelves Christmas goods replace them and Slade The Pogues and Jona Lewie are prematurely piped into packed shopping centres But The thing about Christmas music that s particularly interesting she thought to herself in a knowledgeable but not offputting Radio 4 voice as if in a programme on Christmas music is that s it s thoroughly ineffectual it just won t and doesn t work at any other time of the year So perhaps this just wasn t the right time for me to read this One for me to revisit when it figures in the 2018 awards or perhaps in Spring 2019 when the third book comes out But it felt like a re working of Autumn from an author whose biggest strength has been her originality with The Accidental thrown in as well And this Irish Times review summed up the political side of the novel well In lieu of a proper review read those by Gumble s Yard Neil Eric or Robert for a favourable takeMy Ali Smith seasonal uartet bingo cardThe Edouard Boubat image which Daniel gave to Sophie and each character recalls in the opening chapter of Autumn and Winter respectivelyThe Barbara Hepworth the cornerstone artist from Winter statue from my old College a piece of art the students were allowed if not encouraged to climb on and through with the room in which I spent 1987 8 on the right hand side But here s the thing many students myself included attributed the work to Henry Moore whose sculpture also featured there rather making one of Ali Smith s points about overlooked female artistsAli Smith who in person if not always on the page is perhaps my favourite author presenting my daughter with a copy of Autumn in Wimbledon a place that forms perhaps the key link between the two books

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Winter Author Ali Smith Download Û 5 Ali Smith Ú 5 characters Follow up to her sensational Autumn Smith's shapeshifting novel casts a warm wise merry and uncompromising eye over a post truth era in a story rooted in history and memory and with a taproot deep in the evergreens art and lo. Martin Amis said that there seems to be a reuisite period of time before one can write about historical events especially catastrophes He was referring to 9 11 and his first publication about it The Second Plane which did not appear until 2008 Ali Smith however in Winter seems to be writing about Brexit and T may his name remain anathema as it happens Barely a month could have passed between the time Lord Soames in the House of Commons wolf whistled at a rather attractive female member and when Smith began writing about it The facts are so uickly appropriated and set down that they feel raw unprocessed piecemeal This gives the novel the feel of a tabloid I don t want my novels filled with current events I read than ever now for a novel s ability to create an alternative world I don t read fantasy but I can see why readers are drawn to fantasy now I understand the need for escapism and thus relief I m not putting Smith s experiment down but I do admit to not understanding it John Gardner once wrote about how we read to be immersed in the dream Well there s no dream here Instead the novel reimmerses us in the topicality we thought we d put aside In this age of news hitting you 247 from dozens of content sources is this what we really want the news invading our novels too I much prefer the sections here set in the past perhaps because there s some consensus on what those times meanBy contrast in Smith s Autumn the news was sufficiently backgrounded amid a wonderful story of a girl and an old man and how their lovely relationship evolves over talks of books and painting over 30 years Hints of the current unpleasantness arise but do not overwhelm the narrative as they do here

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