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HOPE FARM review ë 103 When her younger sister Maisie goes missing Melissa begins a six month search for her but she comes up with nothing No leads not even a hint as to where Maisie has gone or why Then out of the blue a mysterious break through A lead a solid lead that she must follow Beginning at a.

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HOPE FARM review ë 103 Al could not be imagined in hers or anyone's worst nightmares A story of pre meditated capture and fetish slavery at the hands of an advanced and capable female sadist Maisie hadn't been the target at all It had always been planned to suck in Melissa Maisie had just been the bai.

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HOPE FARM review ë 103 Fetish party in the burbs and leading to the secluded Hope Farm the mystery and horror unfolds Maybe just maybe it would have been better if Melissa hadn't chosen to follow the lead With hindsight maybe just maybe she should have just let her sister go What Hope Farm would reve.

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