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Mesmerizing the Maruis (Enduring Legacy #11) free read ✓ 6 Heroic very handsome maruis and her vision of his impending death A DESIRE NEITHER CAN DENYAttempting to save the maruis from murder brings danger to Helen's door as well as undeniable passion But is the scorching heat between them enough to make them trust one another Will the two find love or will death catch them in its grasp first. This book was definitely mesmerizing to be sure It was impossible to put down once I started it I think this may be my favorite Madeline Martin story to date though it is difficult to make such a bold statement since all of her books have been so wonderful There was just something about this story that got to me Both Noah Haskett the Maruis of Hesterton and Helen Craig a wealthy single woman meet when Noah saves Helen from a runaway carriage They are both lonely people who have suffered humiliation from those closest to them Noah for a childhood illness that has left him with a twisted leg and Helen because of her gift of sight This is such a wonderfully written love story with some entertaining and surprising twists I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this story and can honestly recommend it enthusiastically I only wish I could give it than five stars

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Mesmerizing the Maruis (Enduring Legacy #11) free read ✓ 6 A MARUIS WITHOUT HOPE OF LOVENoah Haskett the Maruis of Hesterton is a recluse due to the rumors surrounding his late brother's death Staying away from the ton has been a reprieve from the debutantes who want him only for his title and wealth After all what woman would desire a beast of a man with a twisted leg Never once has the idea. Noah Haskett The Maruis of Hesterton has never been comfortable in polite society His leg was crippled as a result of a childhood illness and his temperament is taciturn on the best of days but the death of his brother Lord Rupert Haskett and the subseuent rumors have given him an excuse to withdraw from society His sister Nancy has tried to pull Noah out of his seclusion she visits him on the anniversary of their brother s death and promises to give him information about a survivor of Rupert s unit but he must promise to attend her daughter s musicale and visit Rupert s grave with her Eager for information that could clear his brother he agrees and then learns that the man Tobias Graston is a patient at Bedlam and doesn t speak Nancy s lead seems hopeless but what they find at the cemetery convinces Noah that he will find a way to get the truthHelen Craig is also a not a fan of society she has a gift of a curse in her mind she can see a person s future by touching them and if that wasn t bad enough in the past year she has begun to get visions of their past as well Terrified she would eventually go insane she began volunteering at St Thomas hospital hoping to learn how to prevent that from happening She meets Noah by chance when he saves her from being run down in the street The contact with him brings her a sense of calm that she has never experienced and powerful vision of death For the first time in her life Helen decides to intervene and change the future but somehow she must convince Noah that he is in danger without revealing her gift Fate seems to be working with them Helen knows Noah s sister Nancy and will be attending the musicale Noah will ask for her help with Graston and she will endeavor to find out if her vision was from the past or if it the future And if it is the future figure out a way to warn him without giving up her secret She is happy to help him as it will give her a chance to spend time with him and determine how best to save himAs they work to help Graston recover they grow closer and the spark between them becomes a fire but neither believes love is in their future Noah believes no woman could want him and Helen cannot risk passing on her gift to a child though they both love the other they seem to be at a stalemate in regards to their relationship When Helen learns the truth about Rupert she is anxious to tell him what she has learned but a shocking twist will bring her vision of death into reality she will realize that love truly is worth any risk but has this epiphany come too lateThis was a well written well paced story with wonderful characters secrets a dash of paranormal steamy love scenes laugh out loud moments twists and turns shocking surprises and finally a HEA complete with an epilogue This book is part of the Enduring Legacy series but it can absolutely be read as a stand alone title without any problems I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me

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Mesmerizing the Maruis (Enduring Legacy #11) free read ✓ 6 Of marriage much less love crossed his minduntil the day he saves a mysterious dark haired beauty AN HEIRESS BURDENED WITH A GIFTMiss Helen Craig has spent a lifetime hiding her ability to see the future avoiding any opportunities for marriage because she fears passing on her gift to a child But what she does not anticipate is the very. In the beginning we are introduced to Noah Haskett the third maruis of hesterton He has been a recluse for a year because of the death of his brother Rupert on the battle field His sister Nancy has a plan to get him out of his recluse state On their way to their brother s final resting place Noah bumps Into HelenHelen has had a gift of seeing the future since childhood She has a hard time accepting her gift because of how awful her mom treated and threatened to send her off to an asylum When Helen bumps Into Noah she sees his future or maybe his past Together they will become a team to find out what the future may hold for both of them and accept their past Will they find out who is trying to kill Noah will the silence of one of the soldiers that was in the same battle as his brother Rupert finally be broken Will Noah and Helen have a futureI read this book in one night It kept me mesmerized excited and fanning self moments I always enjoy reading Madeline s work This was not a disappointment