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review Hummelhonung Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB En sen oktoberkväll föreläser en medelålders författarinna om helgon i församlingshuset i ett litet västerbottniskt samhälle Bland de fåtaliga åhörarna finns en äldre man som efter föredraget bjuder henne nattkvarter i sitt hem som ligger en bilfärd ut i nattmörkretNär nästa Imaginative and interesting as a concept yet I ended up feeling like it went on for far too long and it was only 160 something pages Maybe this is due to the fact that the characters never become human only and like grotesue legends The salt brother and the sweet brother after a life spent to try and spite the other are now both dying but struggling to outlive the other Their albino woman who gets taken by the sun the grandfather collecting honey the ditchwall they were digging between their houses the dark northern winter There might be wisdom and metaphor under all of this Maybe I ll see it if I reread it again some day

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review Hummelhonung Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Morgon gryr är landskapet kring det ensligt belägna huset insvept i snö Kvinnan stannar hos mannen i väntan på att vägen bort skall plogas Medan tiden går skriver hon på en bok om ett helgon Samtidigt lär hon allt djupare känna sin värd och hans historia Den tycks gradvis förtun Desolate and precisely told Works like a fairy tale in that nothing feels out of place Michael Haneke movie vibes Story is about a lady writer who comes to deliver a lecture in a tiny tiny town in northern Sweden and ends up living with a man who gives her lodging for the night Hadar in the last stages of cancer Nearby lives Hadar s brother also dying but of heart disease Therein lies the Lindgren everyone is suffering The recipe it seems for a Lindgren novel is 1 Two ill men 2 One nurturing woman 3 Food as salvation That was the way in Hash one of my Top Ten of All Time only here it s less darkly comic Still some funny moments though involving food and the body as food The sweetness of the title I won t give anything away here only that it s a little creepy Lindgren is simply a genius for dialogue effortlessly shifting between a summary of what the characters said and actual uoted conversation For a novella length work it still pays off big time in the end I had but one gripe the woman s new work is about St Christopher and I wanted it to tie in or at least reveal something interesting about the Saint This could be a fourth Lindgren element to show a character in the act of writing Can t wait to read Torgny for reals What a writer

free read õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Torgny Lindgren

review Hummelhonung Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Na hennes egen helgonsagaHadar är döende i kräfta och lever för att överleva sin bror som hjärtsjuk bor nere i sluttningen De två är fångade i ett livslångt beroende och hat till varandra och kvinnans roll i detta slutskede av deras liv blir bubärarens och till sist iscensättaren Lindgren writes well with evocative descriptions but about rather gruesome characters Two brothers are holding out on death to outstay each other A female lecturer is trapped by a snowstorm and during her stay hears both sides of a story which shows the bond of mutual loathing between brothers

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  • Hummelhonung
  • Torgny Lindgren
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  • 06 April 2019
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