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Anarchy Making of England #3

Free read Anarchy Making of England #3 Characters Ï Anarchy Making of England #3 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nry II's mother the Empress Matilda and her cousin Stephen; a time so traumatic it becomes known as the AnarchyThe greatest letter writer of the 12th Century Folio gives an intimate account of one of England's most troubled eras Central to his account is the life of a knight he first met over fifty years earlier Harold of HerefordHarold's life is an intriguin. Great historical novel which gives a vivid account of 50 years in the life of knight and adventurer Harold of Hereford A definite page turner I felt drawn right into that world I already knew a bit about the crusades the Knights Templar and some of the key events mentioned but I had no idea just how brutal and chaotic the civil war between Matilda and Stephen was for everyone peasant or knight The book is told in a traditional literary way through letters and there s clearly a huge amount of research gone in to it There are maps genealogies and a glossary for those who want on the actual history of the period 12th century

Free read Anarchy Making of England #3

Free read Anarchy Making of England #3 Characters Ï Anarchy Making of England #3 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook G microcosm of the times Born of noble blood and legendary lineage he is one of the nine founders of the Knights Templar and a survivor of the fearsome battles of the Crusader States in the Holy LandHarold is loyal warrior in the cause of the Empress Matilda On his broad shoulders Harold carries the legacy of England's past and its dormant hopes for the futur. Darn good yarn from Stewart BinnsHe s managed to cram just about every English hero from the middle ages into one story from Hereward the Wake to Robin Hood Damn good stuff Recommended if you like SaxonNormanCrusadesKnights in yer book

Free read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Stewart Binns

Free read Anarchy Making of England #3 Characters Ï Anarchy Making of England #3 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anarchy is the knuckle whitening third novel in Stewart Binns' The Making of England seriesRuthless brutality greed and ambition the AnarchyThe year is 1186 the thirty second year of the reign of Henry IIGilbert Foliot Bishop of London has lived through long Henry's reign and that of his grandfather Henry I He has witnessed the terrifying civil war between He. Set out as uite a few books set in this period are by someone telling the story of someone else or someone telling their story to someone elseget over the initial groans and you ve got a really good involving interesting and evocative story Here it s even a bit convoluted as the story teller is telling a story as it was told to him by Harold of Hereward in letters to his church friend high up in the Vatican However It continues and fits seamlessly after the previous book Crusade and I think may well turn out to be the best of the series though there s only one to go Hereward s descendants are still involved but of course as the story moves on there are fewer who actually knew him and his legend grows Though for all his multifarious exploits in foreign climes as told in these books and James Wilde s books if you think about it his exploits never seem to have reached back to England There there is still mystery and intrigue surrounding him explained here and by James Wilde as the result of a pact made with King William to cease the resistance leave England and never come backI found no real fault in the uality of the writing but I can imagine uite a few aficionados will There s a real fluid flow to the story a sense of purpose and no one can argue he doesn t know his way around a story or how to tell it If you take the time to think about the story the people the times you could end up as me feeling uite affected by the concepts of loyalty to people and ideals that are expressed here I was very sad to finish the book As in there being a slight watering of the eyes that people gave their own futures for the futures of others and theres no surprise he is a former soldier and teacher has also written books on WWI and WWII People who put their own hopes and dreams to the side for the sake of other people Most poignant of all the link to Harold Hereward and what might have been on Senlac Hill if just five minutes had gone differently in 1066Say what you like about the writing the books they do inspire to maybe go find out about the periods If only to see if the people did really do all the things he has them doing Anyway uite apart from feeling proud that there were such men who called themselves Englishmen and were willing to lay down their lives or change their lives for the ideal of an England their children could be proud ofAll my reviews in one place Why yes Speesh Reads

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