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Marlene Suson Ð 2 Summary Read & download ´ Desire's Command Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Her never to suander her virtue on a man of low birthBUT HER FLESH RESPONDED TO LOVEYet she could not escape the piercing memory of the enigmatic stranger whose bold embrace had all but drowned her in a sea of bliss Was he rogue or gentleman traitor or patriot What mysterious power lay behind those dark eyes. 35 de 5Leer rese a de La Fuerza del Deseos au Cami s Blog

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Marlene Suson Ð 2 Summary Read & download ´ Desire's Command Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Which made subtle mockery of her sacred vow From the splendor of the lush English countryside to the dazzling elegance of America's grandest plantations Chandra's bold and ardent spirit will not be tamed until a penetrating and passionate love strips everything from her but the need to answer DESIRE'S COMMA. BLOG wwwadictaxictoxicoblogspotcomEl libro me gusto pero no me encantoLa protagonista es insoportable mas de la mitad del libro y me fastidiaba la manera de pensar de ella aunue no la puedo culpar porue la informaci n ue sabia fue distorsionada y ademas solo conoc a un lado de la moneda cosa ue le pasa a muchas personas actualmente Miles me gusto y mucho me encantaba los comentarios ingeniosos con los ue le contestaba a la protagonista le tengo un gran respeto por tener ue aguant rsela au cabe el dicho ue el amor nos hace ciegosla trama se me hizo algo predecible y llena de muchos malentendidos por parte de Chandra y Miles en la mayor a del libro uise sacudirlos por tontos ue no se daban cuenta ue con hablar se solucionaba gran parte de lo ue ellos se imaginaban ue estaba sucediendo

Marlene Suson Ð 2 Summary

Marlene Suson Ð 2 Summary Read & download ´ Desire's Command Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free SHE USED HER WITS AS A WEAPONTo Chandra a ravishing and rosy cheeked English beauty the barbarous young republic of America offers one last hope for escaping the evil torment of her mercenary guardian and his lecherous henchmen Facing the perilous journey alone she remembers the vow she made to her dying fat. Setting England Virginia during Thomas Jefferson s presidency yes Jefferson appears in the novelThis book has some of the hallmarks from the Golden Age of the Bodiceripper bratty heroine large age difference between HH 15 yrs an over the top villain with multiple chins and the appetite of the Maruis de Sade and loads of plot coincidences but at least the hero isn t one of those vicious abusive alpholes a la Steve from SWEET SAVAGE LOVE He is pretty much a saint compared to the heroineI consider myself to have a higher tolerance for unlikable heroines than most romance readers but the heroine in this is one of the worst Not only is she immature but she is snobby bitchy ignorant ungrateful and dumb a deadly combination In fact she is lacking in any kind of admirable uality beyond the fact that she has the looks and body of a Playboy Bunny It sucks that she gets a HEA but that s life However that s NOT what I want to read in a romanceContent warnings several rape attempts forced seduction adultery off screen

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