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  • The World Since 1945
  • T.E. Vadney
  • English
  • 20 February 2017
  • 9780140268751

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Summary Ù The World Since 1945 104 T.E. Vadney Ö 4 Read The USSR the end of colonial empire in Asia and Africa and the escalation of wars and other conflicts in the Third World In this incisive survey T E Vadney examines the key events without ever neglecting the underlying trends He explores ther. Again I really picked and chose what I read here as with many of the history books of the last 12 months I m cherry picking the bits I ll have to teach OR that interest me most With time a precious commodity I m afraid I don t find myself overly enamoured of the Allende years in Chile anyway I was reading this mostly for its take on the Cold War and it certainly fall towards the blaming America side of things not entirely but enough to make for interesting reading The thesis is that America needed to keep expanding its market in order to keep its domestic economy booming so it was well within its interests to expand its sphere of influenceUseful for dates etc as well as useful for one perspective on the events

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The World Since 1945

Summary Ù The World Since 1945 104 T.E. Vadney Ö 4 Read Apid changes in the Middle East the end of apartheid in South Africa and the aims of American foreign policy He concludes with a new epilogue in which he examines the direction of post 1945 history as the world enters the twenty first century. I never understood modern politics until I understood modern history and this book really helped

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Summary Ù The World Since 1945 104 T.E. Vadney Ö 4 Read THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF GLOBAL CHANGE FROM 1945 TO THE PRESENT DAY The world since 1945 has witnessed fundamental changes notably the increasing influence of the West particularly the USA in a variety of spheres the emergence and collapse of. Good introduction to main eventswars focussing on the 3rd world