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Dangerous Emotions review ✓ 0 Alphonso Lingis is an original among American philosophers An elouent and insightful commentator on continental philosophers he is also a phenomenologist who has gone to live in many lands Dangerous Emotions continues the line of inuiry begun in Abuses taking the reader to Easter Island Japan Java and Brazil as Lingis poses a new range of uestions what can I say it s lingis you either love or hate him as the former owner of my copy wrote in the magins you are such a WEIRD man dangerous emotions isn t his strongest or most rigorous work that would be foreign bodies I suppose but it is beautiful and excessive and problematic in that singular lingis way the chapter catastrophic time is by far the most uniue contribution while other chapters riff on dg derrida and especially bataille without so much as a citation which is either frustrating or helpful depending on how you feel about the former

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Dangerous Emotions review ✓ 0 And brings his extraordinary descriptive skills to bear on innocence and the love of crime the relationships of beauty with lust and of joy with violence and violation He explores the religion of animals the force in blessings and in curses When the sphere of work and reason breaks down and in catastrophic events we catch sight of cosmic time our a So helpful for someone who has trouble basing post structuralist concepts in daily life Also very good for the fan of Bataille

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Dangerous Emotions review ✓ 0 Nxiety is mixed with exhilaration and ecstasy More than acceptance of death can philosophy understand joy in dying Haunting and courageous Lingis's writing has generated intense interest and debate among gender and cultural theorists as well as philosophers and Dangerous Emotions is certain to introduce his work to an ever broader circle of readers I ve read this a few years ago because of two other books by him Beautiful yes beautiful And then disgust I put the book away in one of my boxes Now I read the title again and again Indeed he is telling me emotions Dangerous ones Emotions from the vantage point of power Without apologies I m compelled to read this book again

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