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  • The Last Runaway
  • Tracy Chevalier
  • English
  • 25 December 2019
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The Last Runaway Summary º 109 Illuminating the principles passions and realities that fueled this extraordinary freedom movement I. Inspiring and realistic A heart warming tale of one woman s unexpected journey to ferry runaway slaves along the Underground Railroad and saving her soul and self in the process

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The Last Runaway Summary º 109 Onal foray into the American past in The Last Runaway bringing to life the Underground Railroad and. This novel was enjoyable enough However reading it gives one a sensation of floating atop the story nothing pulls a person in or attaches itself to the reader s emotions The story is just too light The first hundred pages are largely given over to uilting patterns and sewing techniues which is fine enough if one has a taste for such thorough narrations of domestiue intricacies but a reader choosing this book based on the cover description would be disappointed It leaves one to believe that it is centred around the Underground Railroad leaves one to expect a drama of true trials and interpersonal struggles as no tale concerning such a matter could be or was otherwise especially to the people immediately concerned However excluding the last scene the collection of scarce small events involving black runaways throughout this novel most definately purposes as a side story and futher each event in and of itself also carries a feeling of being small The majority of text is dedicated to uilting as already mentioned and the dynamics of uaker communities the back description should reflect this Although the main character Honor Bright does go through a personal struggle excited by her and her new family s differing views including that of dealing with runaways but certainly not the most prominent dissimilitude the reader once again feels left floating atop never really seeing into the character The reader never really knows Honor Bright and some times she surprisingly demostrates understanding then one would expect from her hollow bland character where did this come fromThe afforementioned aside this book is a nice light read that can remove one from the present without demanding emotional or intellectual strain of any kindThe scenic descriptions of this novel are on par Chevalier can effectively paint a descriptive picture in few words she knows just what can be left out what the reader can fill in himself and does not drag the book down by counting off the leaves on trees Prehaps my rating would be higher if the cover description properly described the novel it is a very airy book about a uaker s life in America at the time of slavery though slavery is far from its focal point and do not forget to mention the uilting uilting uilting I was disappointed because I was mislead I was expecting Underground Railroad and instead got uilting uaker

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The Last Runaway Summary º 109 New York Times bestselling author of Girl With a Pearl Earring Tracy Chevalier makes her first ficti. I am excluded even from the excluded she thought Tracy Chevalier is one of those writers who have contributed in the development of Historical Fiction as we know it today Her writing contains beautiful metaphors and a successful combination of a fresh modern feeling and a kind of dialogue that is faithful to the depicted era Girl With A Pearl Earring managed to bring the Netherlands to focus and started a whole array of books set during the 17th century inspired by the magnificent painters of this beautiful country The Last Runaway is eually successful I dare say that at times it is even betterOhio 1850s The tension between the cities of the North and the cities of the South regarding the abolition of slavery is brewing The communities are divided over the issue and over their own religious beliefs The uakers are considered weird but they are supposed to be honest and supporters of euality Does this euality extent to salves It dependsIn the midst of it all we find Honor A young Englishwoman whose life changes drastically the moment she set foot in the New World Her relationships with an array of interesting characters and her convictions compose a beautiful sad poignant story Well there you go We re all from somewhere else That s how Ohio is The community Chevalier depicts is a mix of opposites Ohio is a stop on the way North or on the way South The residents are torn between sympathy and fear The story is built on the notion of antithesis Antithesis between our faith and our actions Between love and duty Between obligations and wishes Honor has been brought up to be honest no matter what but there are things she can t even admit to herself Donovan is torn between his twisted notion of duty and the demands of his heart To what extent can we disregard our social and familial duties in order to do what we think is right and just Do we give in and betray our principles These are the uestions Honor has to face while trying to forge a life in a place that is an amalgam of clashing convictions and troubled soulsThe writing is exceptional I could go on about all the vivid details the beautiful imagery the dialogue There is an underlying tenderness and softness in the prose even if the subject itself is difficult and harsh he daily life and customs are masterfully described and the themes that Chevalier uses to compose her story are always relevant to any era The tone isn t didactic or preachy but simple direct and calm like Honor herself The characters are major contributors to a successful novel and in this one we have uite a few memorable ones Honor is a delight in the sense that she s realistic determined and persistent I didn t think of her as naive On the contrary I admired her bravery because she had to face the prejudices of a whole community and the horrible manners of her mother in law Now I will become controversial here and admit that I would choose a different path and obey my true wishes regarding marriage and family but I understand her motives given the era and the circumstances This brings us to Donovan one of the most interesting characters I ve recently come across He is complex almost tragic in his choices his inner battle Belle is also exceptional as are Virginie and Mrs Reed The Haymakers I definitely could have done without those idiotsThere is an interesting theme permeating the novel The notion of looking and thinking forward instead of dwelling in misfortune The American Way Honor uestions this She considers it a mistake because not remembering leads to the same mistakes over and over again Judging by the way our world works I cannot help thinking that she is right Slavery war atrocities committed against the people whose land was stolen by the settlers Within such a context future can only become better through togetherness The end is satisfying but it is clear that Honor isn t convinced And she s right in my opinion Noone can speak of euality and continue dividing people into categories And once I cannot help thinking that every successful Historical Fiction novel acts as the clearest mirror reflecting our problematic societiesMy reviews can also be found on