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  • A Lil Less Broken The Kingsmen MC #1
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  • 15 September 2019
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Download Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¿ Tara Oakes Read A Lil Less Broken The Kingsmen MC #1 107 Badass biker on a Harley bails her out But at what cost Warning This novella is intended for those 18 of age and contains strong language sexual content adult situations and a shocking ending that is continued in book #2 A Lil' Less Los. It s a cliff hanger The characters are likable even though they come across as YANA to me Two people raised in a MC and fall in love Although they profess deep love for each other the girl runs away for several years after seeing what she thinks is him paying a whore for sex After she is abducted by a rival gang and returned to the family she finds out he didn t cheat he was merely paying a tattoo artist for a tattoo It has your usual angst with the MC dealings even though they are a totally legit group now but still being attacked by old foes

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A Lil Less Broken The Kingsmen MC #1

Download Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¿ Tara Oakes Read A Lil Less Broken The Kingsmen MC #1 107 Lil's and Jay lived their very own fairytale biker romance He was her first love her only love She was what he needed what he wantedInsecurities fear and misconceptions lead Lil's to make a heartbreaking decision to abandon that life and. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this story My only complaint is I m not a fan of cliffhangers and this one caught me completely off guard The story is engaging and I connected with the characters right away and stayed connected throughout the entire story This book stayed true to the whole MC genre that I enjoy And the sex was pretty hotJay was rough and tumble and sweet and sexy and he pulled it all off very well That was a major bonus for meThis isn t your typical boy meets girl they fall in love yada yada yada it s than that Jay and Lil have a history They met when they were younger although Jay was a bit older than Lil and due to an unpleasant misunderstanding Lil ran She stayed gone for uite some time until circumstances brought Jay back in to her life The love between these two is evident and just made me love the characters They don t just pick up where they left off they both have to work for it and it s worth the wait I enjoyed Lil going back to the past in the book telling us what lead up to certain events Not something I normally enjoy but when an author gets it right as Ms Oakes did it can enhance the story instead of hinder itOverall this was an sweet uick sexy enjoyable read and I m looking forward to part two due out in October 2014 which can t get here soon enoughSolid 4 StarsPrevious update I m hooked at only 20% inFrom speaking with the author I thought this was going to be a bit softer than what I normally read in an MC book But I m over the top happy What a great MC book exactly what I love to read in this genre

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Download Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¿ Tara Oakes Read A Lil Less Broken The Kingsmen MC #1 107 Love behind before it consumes and destroys her as it did her mother years earlierBut moving on isn't so easy when you are deeply connected to your pastWhen Lil's finds herself in a whirlwind of danger her knight in shining armor er her. I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review So about 40% in my attention span started to drift I was then basically skimming till I got to the end I m used to reading dark gritty and raw mc books This one wasn t This story did go into the past but to me I don t think it was done in the right way or maybe the past scenes just didn t do it for me I find Lil to be immature and the whole thing when Jay said chances of me coming inside you once without protection the chances of becoming pregnant are slim ugh I m extremely tired of that line because we automatically know she s already knocked upAlso I don t know if I got a finished copy it didn t say ARC but there were a few grammatical errors but not enough to through me off completely