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Forgetting Zoë Download µ 100 Free download Forgetting Zoë Zoë Nielsen was just like any other ten year old walking to school not knowing that a chance encounter with Thurman Hayes would lead to her abduction and imprisonment in a converted nuclear bunker beneath a remote Arizona ranch houseBack home 4000 miles away on an island off the coast of Newfoundland the press coverage surrounding Zoe's mother Ingrid is rapidly If Emma Donoghue s Room is focused relentlessly inwards on Jack then Ray Robinson s Forgetting Zo faces outwards reaching across vast landscapes and into the lives of not just its abductee but also her mother and her captor In 1999 Thurman Hayes takes his mother s body to Canada where she grew up whilst there he abducts ten year old Zo Nielsen For the next eight years Hayes keeps her captive in his ranch in the Arizona desert and its underground bunker by the time she escapes the girl Zo was is a distant memoryRobinson s prose and characterisation in this novel are exuisite Here for example is Thurman reflecting on his father s handsto Thurman the hands only ever spoke one word and that was hurt They contained bones that had fractured many times and reset broken against walls and furniture the skulls of cattle Mom Thurman Hands so masterful at gripping axes and shovels and carpentry tools and soldering irons the stock of his rifle and shotgun So useful for overturning a table with a single effortless flick for giving a backhand so fast it was heard before it was felt for grabbing a fistful of hair and smashing heads into wallsThe precision of the detail there is so vivid and the way it illustrates manual ability sliding so easily into violence The opening section of Forgetting Zo shows brilliantly how the young Thurman is damaged and becomes the monster we see in the later parts of the novel Growing up in a violent household with feelings of inadeuacy because he can t be the man his father wants him to be Hayes s feelings bubble over and he ends up with a confused attitude to women that leads him toWell that s another striking thing about Forgetting Zo some of the key events take place off stage so there are gaps in our knowledge of cause and effect For example we never see the actual abduction of Zo whilst it s readily possible to construct a theory of why Hayes kidnaps her we don t know the full story when we meet him and Zo again after the abduction they are changed characters we have to work to reach them once again which adds another layer of richness to the novelAnother lacuna in the narrative is the bulk of Zo s captivity In 1999 we see the beginnings of Zo the true Canadian girl of big sky big moon of big sunsets and clouds slipping away in the bunker but the contrast with her eighteen year old self when we jump forward to 2007 still carries uite an impact The section covering the run up to Zo s escape is perhaps the most powerful in the whole book as Zo is torn between her desire to escape and her reluctance to leave Hayes behind With its uncertain passage of time this section has a sickening ebb and flow as one wonders if Zo ever will gain her freedom and the fact that we already know from the section title that she will does nothing to diminish that effectThe title of Forgetting Zo refers than anything to Zo forgetting herself She starts to do that during her captivity of course but there s a positive interpretation of the title to be found at the end that of being able to forget the past As with Jack in Room there is a sense of new beginnings for Zo And as good a book as Room is I think Forgetting Zo may just be one of my reads of the year

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Forgetting Zoë Download µ 100 Free download Forgetting Zoë Is all about his needs and wants being metBut over time Thurman will grow tired of the rapidly maturing Zoë And when he decides it is time to get rid of her Zoë must finally make her bid for freedom Forgetting Zoë is a moving epic tale of courage survival horror and loss that explores how a bond of affection and intimacy can develop between captive and captor I thought this book was good but strange It jumped a lot between thurman and his parents Zoe and her mother after the kidnap I did enjoy it though and found it really sad at times I couldn t imagine ever going through this situation as the victim or parent

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Forgetting Zoë Download µ 100 Free download Forgetting Zoë Turning sour Even the arrest of a suspect and Ingrid's newly established relationship with Zoë's father isn't enough to stop the nightmare from which there is no wakingEnslaved in her underground tomb deprived of food and light and water the girl Zoe once was steadily begins to disappear Allowed to see and hear only what Thurman permits she lives in a world that I d love to say I loved it Almost did I think the main problem is that none of the characters are at all sympathetic He s telling us to feel for them rather than making it happen Extraordinary sense of place and landscapes though Overall a yes but a ualified one

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