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Mostly Hypothetical Mountains Download Ø 104 Novella by Josh Tillman Never published and accessible only in the album's broadsheets and via online blog it is a “non linear mult. The metaphysical concepts at large were well lubricated in a crypto comedic cholesterol agent that allowed them to pass through my arteries and into my heart After of course a succession of sexually suggestion jerking motions to jam the damned ideas in there

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Mostly Hypothetical Mountains Download Ø 104 I format adventure satire attempting to dismantle the infrastructure of ownership as told by several uasi fictional unreliable narrato. Review of mostly hypothetical mountainsChapter 1 self indulgent littered with obstruse language Some interesting social commentary but difficult to make meaning of the overall story and the language makes it hard to readChapter 2 intensely personal somewhat glib but still revealing and cutting Smart well written and fun to readChapter 3 psychedelic Good Success is sanctified by scarcity is profound He recognizes the suburban hellscape for what it isChapter 4 funny and good and ties all four chapters together nicely Suddenly I am optimistic that this will be a cool coherent storyChapter 5 the story is beginning to make sense The flashbacks are coherent I think it just really threw me when the first few chapters relied so heavily on surrealism and abstract metaphor because FJM is such a gifted literal songwriter The protagonist s soul searching journey peppered with religious school flashbacks sounds eerily similar to the upbringing described by J Tillman in interviews I am officially enthralled and ready to embark on this journeyChapter 6 whimsical and hilarious I truly want to know if Johnny is based on a real teacher and I truly hope he is This could be published as a standalone short story worth reading Catches the perfect tone of mocking without self righteous indignation and sticks the dismount beautifullyChapter 7 the I read the I think that J Tillman is extremely self aware and that my snap judgment of the first chapter was deeply misguided Super high uality meta critiue of the American military industrial complex and the treatment of manpower as disposable I m officially convinced that J Tillman is playing 4 dimensional chess and this novel is brilliantChapter 8 We re all strippers Chapter 9 Satan s deeply confusing bedside manner Chapter 10 good cultural critiue of consumerism and convenience culture Mocks those who constantly talk about wanting amazing experiences but never put in any work toward them Makes you ask yourself if every experience was instantly available to you would all experiences cease to be special11 I love the rainforest themed restaurant12 I like the constant gift shop references I had never considered how out of place and strange gift shops are But as soon as you consider the idea objectively the absurdity of the entire construct is revealed Also I feel like this chapter describes an awe inspiring psilocybin trip13 not un wounded is a really strong phrase In only three words you recognize that something that should be no worry has actually created a deep hurt and that the the anger is only masking a deep personal pain 14 deeply personal thinly veiled memoirs masuerading as non linear satirical narratives Sir14b billboards that generate solar and wind power is actually genius I m sure J Tillman didn t invent the idea but it s still really good I feel like you really need to be on mushrooms to get this chapter15 the use of the word themed is a solid satire on postmodern commodification culture Nothing is actually real everything is a facsimile of a real experience designed to extract as much money as possible from you with the least investment leaving you with a lifelong string of hollow un real experiences16 right by the hungry man has to be a critiue of the incredible technological advances and revenue generating techniues that have proliferated in our society while people still go hungry No matter how good our technology gets people will still be hungry because that s how we want society set up Thinking about hunger in the future makes me realize that now is the future and hunger has not gone away17 this shit is so meta it s ridiculous His recent capitalist misadventures had been a limp attempt at reconnecting with the world but it seems he couldn t even get that right me too Satan me too18 this is bleak19 playing is what you do when you forget about dying 20 because being off course teaches us how to be on course I really thought this was deep but the I read it I think it s supposed to be faux deep and actually the fact that the energy healer says it is intended to make her ridiculous As ashamed as anyone living in the sweet spot of human history and ultimately complicit with heinous crimesdue to the relative ease with which a laughable percentile of the wealth and technology abundant in the landscaped campuses of civilization could ease the world s ills this one hit me hard The uselessness of our guilt and even our gratefulness We don t fix anything because we are so busy feeling guilty and that act is in itself enough to allow us to continue telling ourselves that we are good people while not acting to change the world order that has given us undue amounts of resources while systematically excluding others21 this was a really enjoyable story I come away with a sense of a technicolor world that can only exist inside of the mind of someone who has done a large amount of soul searching and managed to animate all of their own demons It strikes the right tone simultaneously intellectual absurdist irreverent and never so glib as to be unforgivable I found the narrative empowering and the idea that all of our personal demons can be deeply examined and mockingly reduced to an absurdist technicolor Hell comforting

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Mostly Hypothetical Mountains Download Ø 104 Written in the midst of the recordings of Father John Misty's first LP album Fear Fun Mostly Hypothetical Mountains is an experimental. Imagine a pastry chef making a signature dessert Perfect rounds of crepe pancakes are layered one after the other with huge dollops of buttercream spread in between Crepe cream crepe cream crepe cream and so on What one gets at the end is a impressive tower that is mostly cream and little crepe That is all to say Tillman lays the metaphorical bookplotsatire themed cream on thick Reading MHM then is to take a shiny fresh pie slicer and give yourself a good triangle chunk of that dessert then to go to you brain and slice an eually sized wedge of grey matter and then to swap the two Wrap up the rest of the dessert in Reef Co brand Thoughts and Desires Preserving Seaotterran Wrap and place in the fridge for use at a later date In all honesty how does one review a book that they spent unknown hours printing out trimming sewing and binding Because that is what my brain incapable of reading long things on the internet made my body do Too bad I needed my hands for that I suppose any real person editor would balk at the weight of the pages soaked and dripping with irony and maybe it could have used some linearity and consistency in the consistently inconsistently aesthetically unreliable narrators However after reading I am left with the same smile on my face I get after consuming a Vonnegut or Wilde work It is a truly new perspective on our metaphysically wretched existence Tillman once said in an interview that we are all strippers there is probably some festering philosophy simmering inside that idea Mockingly laughs to mask literal hysteria there is too much to unpack in this novel and that I find a good thing because I could likely reread it many times and still feel like it is new Especially as my Reality Themed life becomes absurd I would not be surprised to see a Hell Classic opening up down the street It feels good to be a bed bug right