(Pdf) The Bolds BY Julian Clary

  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • The Bolds
  • Julian Clary
  • English
  • 15 August 2018
  • 9781783443642

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review The Bolds The Bolds characters ç 9 But the nosy man next door smells a rat or a hyena and a trip to the local wildlife park and the brilliantly wacky heist that results could be the end of Teddington's best kept secret Whatever will the neighbours thi. Rather decent book for kids The premise is absolutely silly but should work well with the kids There s some hidden point to the book about immigration and living paperless but it s all well hidden underneath the crazy stuff the Bolds do With all the jokes and butts and whatnot I expect the kids to like this a lot

review The Bolds

The Bolds

review The Bolds The Bolds characters ç 9 At's right they're covered in fur have tails tucked into their trousers and they really really like to laughSo far the Bolds have managed to keep things under wraps even when their children Bobby and Betty were born. Sue and Spot are hyenas who love laughing The plain where they lived was becoming a tourist attraction for those wanting to go on a safari Not only were there humans in the area it was a fight to eat etc When two humans Fred and Amelia Bold get eaten by crocodiles Sue and Spot come up with an idea They practised standing on two legs and even talking like humans They decided they would take the clothing money passports and airline tickets from the Bolds tent and head to England When they arrived in England they had to learn where and how to get food cross the street and hide their tails When they ran out of money they got jobs They had babies and were living the life When their grumpy nasty old neighbour saw them he got suspicious Were they going to be found out Would they end up in a zooLots of laughs and adventures with The Bolds Early chapter readers will love this book There are a lot of black and white illustrations throughout to add to the story Julian Clary s humour and distinctive style comes through the text A book to be in every local and school libraryI received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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review The Bolds The Bolds characters ç 9 Mr and Mrs Bold are just like you and me they live in a nice house in Teddington they have jobs like writing Christmas cracker jokes and they love to have a bit of a giggle One slight difference they're hyenas Yes th. I wasn t looking forward to reading this it was one of the BASH2017 books but year five chose it so read it I did It was fine the children loved the funny parts particularly the Christmas cracker jokes that Mr Bold writes for a living The undercover hyenas were characters that the children warmed to maybe not so much for me