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Review The Magic Cottage Free download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å James Herbert James Herbert å 0 Read A cottage was found in the heart of the forest It was charming maybe a little run. this is not a bad book i don t think this is a particularly good book either easy to read and not particularly painful to get through i read it all through one long rainy night Herbert is a real professional the screws are tightened expertly our two leads are sympathetic realistic although one of them is a wee bit off the mysteries unfold at a good pace creepy supernatural goings on abound some enjoyable twists turns pop up and of course a mysterious possibly threatening figure lurking on the edge of things appearshere is what i did not like1 boring cult action it did not agree with me and i found it be over obvious eye rolling perhaps i just don t like reading about creepy cults i kept hoping that they would be a minor part but oh no it s major2 yep Herbert is a professional but he is not really a master he has a tendency to badly overwrite certain things for example when he writes about Love my stomach starts to cramp and i get a little nauseated really Herbert restrain yourself please or perhaps i am just against Love3 when the horror hits to put it bluntly i was not scared instead i gave birth to sighs many of them sad to say there was a lot horror in the atmosphere itself perhaps i just have a problem with cheap horror thrills especially of the kind that i ve read dozens upon dozens of times previously so uite a bit of fun to be had in the foreboding uality of the cottage in uestion some hairs were definitely raised but when the book tries to get me to jump all i did was yawnhere are three books that deal with darkly enchanted residences in ways that i found to be much accomplished multi leveled and downright shiveryThe House Across the Way by Brian McNaughtonSweetheart Sweetheart by Bernard TaylorLocke and Key Vol 1 Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill

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Review The Magic Cottage Free download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å James Herbert James Herbert å 0 Read Down but so peaceful a magical haven for creativity and love But the cottage had. I have never read anything by James Herbert and was very intrigued with the premise of The Magic Cottage A young couple are strangely drawn to a crumbling oddly charming house in the country On their tour of the cottage the garden is overrun with weeds walls are damp moldy and cracked doors are warped and the massive stone lintle over the stove is in immediate danger of falling The former owner an reclusive elderly lady who made herbal remedies for the community and communed with nature left provisions with the real estate agent that the house could only be left to a certain type of person While several offers were placed on the house only our couple Mike and Midge are able to secure the winning bid for the house even though their offer was lower then other offers After moving in they find that their assessment of the delapidated condition of the cottage and gardens was in errorperhapsWhat happens after they move in is sometimes charming sometimes spooky and sometimes downright creepy I really enjoyed the first 34ths of the book I felt the wimsey was nicely balanced with the touches of horror I probably would have given the book 4 stars had the final chapters not been so downright goofy for lack of a better termNot a bad investment of time for those readers who enjoy horror on a mild scale but could have used a better ending IMO

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Review The Magic Cottage Free download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å James Herbert James Herbert å 0 Read An alternative side the bad magic What happened there was horrendous beyond beli. My sister recommended James Herbert and decided that since she thought I d not have the heart nor stomach for horror as I m a fan of fantasy and dislike seeing anything gruesome or bone chilling freaky that starting me off with The Magic Cottage would be a good first choice Unfortunately I expected serious horror and was disappointed by the time I was halfway through the book and hardly anything had happened So this is what I disliked about the book 1 The writer spends most his time talking about renovations of a cottage the color of the walls the state of the flowers and the eerie feel of the forest which would have made the reader think that something would eventually leap out form its depth and devour somewhere in future chapters but nothing does 2 The storyline was very slow and at times tedious to read and with amount of times the writer states something to the lines of but it was nothing compared to what we were to experience later made me expect something unbelievably jaw dropping will happen creating all sorts of hideous monsters and plots so intriguing within my mind but sadly that was not the case Instead it was very predictable and my own monsters made the writers seem like little kittens 3 The cult was a lame part of the book not scary not threatening just lame I hoped that some great evil wizard will arise from the cult leader someone who was hundreds of years old but nothing just a lame excuse for a man with tricks 4 The most irritating part of the book was the fact that the so called best parts were no then 2 chapters long and ended with a bland So there you have it that s the story I nearly threw the book across the room for the writers inability to create something of the ending 5 Lastly does one have to say Christ a hundred times throughout the entire book Does this book character have less cursing vocabulary then a foreign man learning a new language I don t know if I should give him lessons or smack him across the head And so from all of the negative points I ve mentioned there were but I cannot be asked to list them all there were a few points I liked mainly being The only twist in the book was an interesting one that being Mike discovering the power was within himself and not Midge but it was a little bit obvious he was considering I caught on when they were in the pyramid room and smoke was coming from his hands and mouth Yeah I figured it out then but brushed it aside in hope of not ruining the story for myself And also enjoyed the part Mike had viewed the painting that came to life There were some other good points to the book but not enough to out weight the negative and not enough for me to list here Over all the book could have been much better and I rate it a 35 for the good effort I will read the rest of his work only due to the fact that my sister will be passing her collection of James Herbert to me for reading pleasure I just hope he doesn t let me down after giving his writing another try

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