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CHARACTERS ´ A Scandalous Wager READ & DOWNLOAD A Scandalous Wager The Black Raven bringer of bad luck and death she is eviscerated by the gossips and mocked in the clubsShe’s also the subject of London’s most scandalous wagerOliver Whitely Earl of Bellamy needs money but it takes than a few drinks to take on The Black Raven Wager He finds himself drunk at her house and surprisingly agreeing to a business proposal Lisbeth Countess Blackthorn was found not guilty of killing her husband in court but that doesn t mean society believes of her innocence Known as The Black Raven when her husband was found dead in their home three years ago he not only left behind his wife but he left behind a lot of angry investors Blackthorn was known for making money a lot of money and right before his death he convinced a lot of people to invest a lot of money into a speculation only it ended up being a fake speculation and many were left with nothing Lisbeth however was left all of her husband s money and not everyone is happy about it She has barely left her house in the past three yearsShe had an abusive marriage so Lisbeth was not too upset when her husband was found dead Because she is such a recluse wagers have been set up in gaming hells to offer money to those who actually make it over her threshold Which is how we find our hero Oliver Bellamy sitting on her door step drunk and in the freezing cold hoping her butler will let him in Oliver s brother died around the time of the failed speculation leaving Oliver an Earland with a heap of debt Only having a beloved elderly aunt as family Oliver doesn t have many he can turn to for advice So he decides to be the one that will cross into Lisbeth s house win the wager and help pay off some debt When her butler finally lets him in he can t believe itLisbeth wants to track down the real killer of her husband but to do that she must re enter society She decides the poor Oliver who is camped out front will do She offers him money from future wages against her to accompany her for a few weeks to balls and certain events He agrees and off they goI really enjoyed both Lisbeth and Oliver they have nice banter in this book Lisbeth is strong willed smart and not too afraid to take on those who think she is a murderer Her husband not only hit her but verbally abused her too He was truly a horrible man She still lives with the mental scars and it s hard for her to overcome them When she first meets Oliver she is taken back by how handsome he is Of course he was totally drunk during their first meeting too which makes her think twice about the man she chooses to help her And although she tries so hard not to let her eyes roam sometimes she just can t help herselfOn than one occasion he had sighed and shifted in his seat causing her to look at other parts of him Parts she definitely should not have been looking at She should not care one wit he had powerful looking thighs or that his legs seemed to stretch a considerable length ending in incredibly large shoes or a the fall of his trousers it seemed there was hardly enough room for what lay beneath She d felt heat rise from her throat to her cheeks and had fanned herself furiously vowing never to look at him again After another guilty look she realised how ridiculous her first vow had been and amended it to not look at him again until the performance was over She failed miserably at that vow too By the end of the performance her sinful mind had memorised every inch of himOliver started out a bit silly he unabashedly flirts with Lisbeth and gives her a good natured hard time Walking into a ball with her on his arm gets everyone in a tizzy which he finds uite amusing What I really liked about their relationship is how loved he makes Lisbeth feel He is such a good guy and makes her feel special and warm and attractive and I liked how he slowly removed her past demons At times he may have pushed a little too hard especially with her abusive background but he made me smile and laugh overallI do wish the hunt for the murderer had taken on a bit of a faster pace Lisbeth and Oliver s banter is great but at times I wanted a little suspense The end reveal of the bad guy isn t all that revealing as wellBut this author has a nice voice I will definitely read something else by herGrade B

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A Scandalous Wager

CHARACTERS ´ A Scandalous Wager READ & DOWNLOAD A Scandalous Wager As the Black Raven she’s cold distant and aloneuntouched by the gossip and scorn of her aristocratic peers Until he enters her house and her life then suddenly her icy shell is no match for the heat of attractionNotorious Widow Lisbeth Carslake Countess of Blackhurst was acuitted of her husband’s murder but no one believes in her innocence Known as They Call Her The Black RavenLisbeth Our Heroine Is Rud To Have Killed Her HusbandOliver Is The Lucky Man To Win A Wager To Lure The Black Raven OutsideMysteryWitty BanterSilver Tongued HeroIntelligent Strong Minded HeroineLearning To TrustSeductionUnfolding SecretsDual POVNo OWOM DramaThe Writing And Conversations Are FantasticInner Dialogue Became Too Much For Me

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CHARACTERS ´ A Scandalous Wager READ & DOWNLOAD A Scandalous Wager At the end of a fire pokerShe will let him win the wager and he will help find her husband’s killer before the killer finds her But business agreements don’t mean trust and Lisbeth certainly doesn’t trust Oliver her body’s reaction to him or her heartLove may be the biggest gamble of their lives but is it a wager their hearts can afford to lose Lisbeth Carslake is the widowed Countess of Blackhurst infamously and unkindly known as the Black Raven the bringer of bad luck and death She is vulnerable yet she displays an inner strength and fortitude that has seen her weather the scandal of her husband Nathaniel s murder She was accused and acuitted by the courts but after two years of ostracization she is isolated beyond belief She has lived in the shadow of the scandal with bad memories of her terrifying marriageBut she decides to change her life for the better when she determines to find the identity of the killer so that she can clear her good name and live her own life free of scandal and debilitating sadness Her domestic life is comfortable financially due to the uestionable financial speculations Nathaniel was involved in and she has the support of her loyal servants Rollands her faithful butler and his wife the housekeeper I like the way that Cassandra Samuels depicts the depth of Lisbeth s painful psyche I felt for her but don t feel sorry for her and I admire her resolve to make her life betterFor my full review on my historical romance and history blog