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Read Breaking Character è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Life has become a farcical mess for icy British A lister Elizabeth Thornton America’s most hated villain stars in a top rated TV medical drama that she hates Now she’s been romantically linked to her perky new co star Summer due to the young woman’s clumsiness As a closeted actress that’s the last thing Elizabeth needs If she could j. 45 Stars This was just the book I needed There is a reason Winter is one of my favorite authors of the last few years The uality story after story she puts out is really impressive While I do admit this was not my favorite of hers it was still damn good After my mini reading slump this story made me feel good about reading again This book hits two storylines I love Hollywood and a fauxmance Some people also claimed the storyline of an ice ueen in the character of Bess but I have to disagree Being introverted and having people think you are a bitch because of it does not make you an ice ueen it just makes you shy This was actually one of the few Winter books that didn t star an ice ueen character I love Winter s ice ueens but I liked that she mixed it up What I found so enjoyable was the fact that I enjoyed the whole book Every new chapter new scene I was interested in it From friends to family to a possible romance every subject the book tackled I was glued to the pages This doesn t happen to me in romances all that often usually something will have my mind wandering instead this book had me completely hooked There are a lot of reviews out already I fell behind this month so I m going to keep this short I will mention just the little negatives I did think the heat level could have been turned up just a hitch The chemistry is there no worries about it I just wished there was a little fan myself time And lastly while this book is nice and long which I loved I did wish for just a tad bit couple time If you are looking for a really good romance especially if you enjoy fauxmances fake relationships or Hollywood storylines absolutely get this If you are a Winter fan get this Winter just keeps putting out books that are worth reading I can t wait to see where she ll take us next An ARC was given to me by YLVA for a honest review

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Read Breaking Character è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ust get her dream movie role life would be so much better The only problem is that the eccentric French film maker offering it insists on meeting her “girlfriend” Summer firstSummer Hayes is devastated when her co star shuns her for accidentally sparking rumors they’re lovers Now the so called British Bitch has the audacity to ask Summ. Whelp I m officially upset that I m done reading this book For me give me a great ice ueen character or a fauxmance as a theme and I m immediately interested in the book With Breaking Character readers don t just get one but we get BOTH themes in the same novel topped off with the fact that Winter is a top tier author I was shamelessly 100% invested the moment I saw the blurb and this book completely lived up to my expectationsI absolutely adored both of the MCs and completely believed them as a couple The side characters were wonderful too I really loved that MC Elizabeth the A list British Bitch actress was portrayed as an ice ueen to the world but somehow even from the beginning she let MC Summer see glimpses of the person underneath the facade I could feel myself loving Elizabeth s character and as the chapters went onAnd MC Summer the happy go lucky wide eyed always smiling former child actress how could anyone not like her She really jumped off the page as one of those people who s a true delight of a person to be around It was refreshing to see Summer wear her feelings on her sleeve but the thing I loved the most is that Winter wrote Summer s character as intelligent witty and entirely capable of standing up for herself as an actress Summer didn t need anything from Elizabeth she just wanted her The chemistry between the two truly was sizzling once it got going and I m very sorry to have to put their story down now that it s overAnd as I said before the side characters were delightful also Grace s character was incredibly complex nuanced and brilliantly written but all of the other side characters were just as goodPersonally I think what I love the most about the fauxmance sub genre is the way that the author is forced to truly develop the characters There s never insta love and the fauxmance forces the characters to actually take time and fall for each other over the course of the novel This one even had a wonderful change of pace as well with Summer eventually view spoilertelling Elizabeth about the attraction that she really felt for her before Elizabeth could even admit it to herself hide spoiler

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Read Breaking Character è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Er to pretend to be her girlfriend to get her a role Elizabeth doesn’t even like Summer Oh how she’d love to tell her no And Summer definitely would if it wasn’t for the fact she’s maybe a tiny bit in love with the impossible womanA lesbian celebrity romance about gaining love losing masks and trying to stick to the script106000 word. 5 starsAbsolutely wonderful read in every sense Amazing characters lovely story great supporting cast All of that delivered through engaging and expertly written prose This book is definitely in my top 5 of near 300 books I ve read this year Do yourself a service and get the book right now Lesfic romance does not get any better than this

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