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Ezekiah By Lisa Henry

READ ï Ezekiah By Lisa Henry Old prejudices he might find his omega is than he expected and exactly what he needswritten for BDSM group's BRING OUT YOUR KINK Bound by Ink writing event. AWWWWWWWW hugs storyKiah s a cute lil omega wolf and in need of some comfort after his pack tried to sell him Asshats Peter I mean Parker is up to the tas

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READ ï Ezekiah By Lisa Henry In the shifter world submission means something different than it does to humansEzekiah Sadler is an omega who doesn’t want to be claimedParker Ellis is. 45So Lisa Henry wrote a shifter story And it s damn good KnottingMatingDub con initially as Parker takes what he wants but when Parker sees Ezekiah the ma


READ ï Ezekiah By Lisa Henry An alpha who needs to make the omega hisEzekiah’s wolf might submit to the first alpha who claims him but Ezekiah wants than that If Parker can see past. I love me a good shifter story with ABO dynamics and knotting This one even gave me some sweet heartache and I really enjoyed it Claim you knot you mat