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FREE DOWNLOAD Ü Marita by Marita Lorenz Few people can say they’ve seen some of the most significant moments of the twentieth century unravel before their eyes Marita Lorenz is one of themBorn in Germany at the outbreak of WWII Marita was incarcerated in a Nazi concentration camp as a child In 1959 she travelled to Cuba where she met an. Marita Lorenz dramatic s life began in 1939 in Germany as the child of an American mother and German father I was riveted to her memoir which will left me exhausted in the end As I read this book I kept asking myself two uestions How much of this is true How could she do thisHow much is true She is very specific with names and places I presume a lot of this can be backed up with documents and court records but the book is not footnoted Marita claims she gave the photo of herself with Lee Harvey Oswald and Frank Sturgis at the presumably CIA training camp where she saw Jack Ruby was given to Sen Howard Baker and the photo of her son with Fidel Castro is held by Oliver Stone Witnesses may be deceased but could someone have told someone still living who can corroborate the rescue from the rain forest The trip to Dallas The way she was taken out of Spain etc How could she do this As a toddler she was separated from her parents sent to Bergen Belsen and rescued after 8 months She was raped at age 7 She received concentration camp survivor s benefits and she names the rapist who was brought to trial for this and other rapes These events should be documentable but again no footnotes Is her impulsive behavior result from PTSD Are victims of child abuse prone to promiscuity Was this the result of an adventurous spirit similar to her mother before her in a time of limited roles for womenHer life and life style shed light on what her mother would call a kept woman of this era I lost track of the many men who kept her The first was Fidel Castro with whom she fell in love with at age 19 He kept her in a hotel room and visited her from time to time By age 21 still in love she joins a group dedicated to killing him With the deposed President of Venezuela Marcos Perez Jimemez one day she receives a 36000 bracelet not long after she is on food stamps Her second child or maybe it s her third had four paternal claimants 3 were waiting at the hospital and the believed to be real father was in jail As her two US kids grow they are moved around a lot often sent to live with others From time to time Marita has a job but they do not last long She does not have a high school diploma and has no training While she mentions education for her two kids it is a minimal factor in their livesIf the parts about Sturgis Oswald Ruby and are true it is amazing that she is still alive This book Hit List An In Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination covers all those who knew or could have known who killed Kennedy and how and how they were disposed of The book adds to the record on the Kennedy Assassination showing additional links for the CIA and the Mafia It also shows the life of a mistress to the powerful and corrupt in this era

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ü Marita by Marita Lorenz Pérez Jiménez; testifying about the John F Kennedy assassination; and becoming a party girl with close ties the New York mafia and then a police informantCaught up in Cold War intrigue espionage and conspiracy this is Marita’s incredible autobiography of a young woman who became a spy for the C. Marita The Spy Who Loved Castro by Marita Lorenz is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late AugustIt was the juxtaposition I think between Marita s Cupid s bow lips apple cheeks and pert chin against Castro s burly beard on the cover that drew me into reading this book But behind that pretty expressive face is a determined world wandering fighter with a narrative voice that cuts like a blade and speaks very much like a spy with absolute memory right down to the smallest detail about her love for Castro her daughter born by Venezuelan dictator General Marcos Perez Jimenez meeting Lee Harvey Oswald dating members of the Italian and Jewish mafia her son born from an American FBI superintendent meeting her lost lost son by Castro and living in ueens New York in the aftermath of a very hectic passionate life

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ü Marita by Marita Lorenz D fell in love with Fidel Castro Yet upon fleeing to America she was recruited by the CIA to assassinate the Fidel Torn by love and loyalty she couldn’t bring herself to slip him the lethal pillsHer life would take many twists and turns including having a child with ex dictator of Venezuela Marcos. Very uneven in both writing and storytelling Half of me wants to believe her and the rest of me says yeah right Does she fall in love easily Um only about 8 men some of whom she just lays eyes on and says you must make love to me There are tons of parts where it seems her children are with her but then she s off in the field on a mission and one kid is at home The other sent to a friend or who knows I had no compassion or sympathy towards the end where the writing is at its worst and so is she At once not asking for our sympathy for all her troubles and suandering of resources Then saying it s not fair she has no pension As a son of Cuban immigrant I was intrigued by this story it fell well short of my expectations and would advise a pass on this one Author too unreliable note I fact checked a couple of stories and there were nuggets of truth Just not enough lining up of other things

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