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characters An Imperfect Spy Amanda Cross  4 Read Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Amanda Cross While guest teaching a semester at Schuyler Law School Kate Fansler gets to know an extraordinary secretary named Harriet who patterns her life after John le Carré's character George Smiley Harriet reveals that Schuyler has some serious skeletons swinging in. First off this is NOT a mystery Nothing remotely resembling a mystery occurs in this book Kate Fansler is a literature professor Her husband Reed is teaching a law clinic at Schuyler law school and Kate decides to co teach a law and literature class there for the semester The book is essentially one long boring case for feminism and how horribly women at least in the 1990 s are treated at universities The only vague hints of a mystery are that the only female teacher at the school was run over by a bus but this is uickly shown to be an accident There are lots of random references to John Le Carre s books for no particular reason The whole law and literature class was ridiculous Kate and her co teacher Blair don t decide on the date and time for the class until the week ahead of time let alone what the class will be covering A student randomly beats up Blair during class and Kate is not sure what they should do about it how about report the student the police for assault and have him expelled from school Nope all she does is think Blair is sexy for beating the student up in return gag Kate also annoyed me because she thinks it s fine to cheat on her husband but gets extremely jealous when another woman flirts with him I only finished this book because it is short and I thought something eventually must happen I was wrong NOTHING happens I ll definitely be avoiding this author in the future

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characters An Imperfect Spy Amanda Cross  4 Read Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Amanda Cross Its perfectly appointed closets including the fate of Schuyler's only tenured female professor and a faculty wife who has killed her husband As if Kate doesn't have enough to tackle she is also up against the men who comprise the faculty of Schuyler itself a. Didn t remember I had read this so I read it again Pretty dire actually filled with political correctness and male chauvinist pigs and anger against educated women If the 1990s in America were really like that I m glad I wasam living here in Italy

Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Amanda Cross

characters An Imperfect Spy Amanda Cross  4 Read Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  Amanda Cross Thoroughly unapologetic bastion of white male power mediocrity and misogyny Although she has only a few months on campus Kate refuses to let Schuyler's rigid ideals and insistence on secrecy suppress her indefatigable curiosity or her obsession with the trut. Kate Fansler is a professor of English Literature and her husband Reed is a Law School professor They are invited to teach one semester of Literature and Law for Kate and set up a clinic to help women in prison for Reed The law school where they will be teaching is a mediocre one with a very conservative faculty The one woman faculty member the law school had was run over by a truck Was she pushed Kate meets a woman who works at the school who thinks she may have been murdered Very intelligently written Highly recommended

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