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  • Summer of the Weeping Rain
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  • 06 May 2017
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Yvonne Whittal ☆ 7 review

characters · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Yvonne Whittal Yvonne Whittal ☆ 7 review Free read Summer of the Weeping Rain FEAR KEPT HER FROM STARTING A NEW LIFE At home Lisa would never forget the tragic conseuences of her accident a scar and the loss of her f. Alas how easily things go wrongA sigh too much a kiss too longAnd there follows a mist and weeping rainAnd life is never the same again Sweet Peril George MacDonald 1858In the blink of an eye a young woman s carefree life is crushed under twisted metal and the deadly impact of machine on asphalt Her young friend is killed instantly One second laughing about upcoming holidays gone the next Her fiance looks upon her scarred skin and broken bones with horror Then and there she takes her engagement ring off her swollen finger and returns it to him He accepts with relief and walks out of her life leaving her to start all over again at a beautiful fairytale like farm lost in the middle of the semi desert region of the Karoo in South Africa with two orphaned charges who heal her as much as she tries to heal them and a man who is about to teach her the real meaning of loveI always like it when romance authors try to challenge the conventional standards of beauty for their heroine or hero These are experiments that don t always work but when they do it definitely makes for a complex interesting storyThe author did an adeuate job of it here with the heroine being a pretty school teacher in her early twenties who had her life mapped out for her before a car accident disfigured her and importantly sent her into uite a paralyzing depressive stateThe post traumatic stress that she suffers from was written pretty credibly and poignantly It was really nice to see her slowly make an emotional recovery with the help of plot moppets who in the manner of the innocent had no trouble seeing her with their hearts rather than their eyes and a charismatic Alpha hero who refused to let himself or her feel sorry for herselfI wish she exhibited a little pepper before turning into a jellyblob in the arms of her beloved and of course the hero just had to heap some cruel jarring comments to her but for Yvonne Whittal he was actually pretty mild and she was not as doormatty as some of her other creationsNothing earth shattering here but a very sweet Vintage nanny employer Harleuin set in the dazzling background of the Karoo desert

Free read Summer of the Weeping RainSummer of the Weeping Rain

characters · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Yvonne Whittal Yvonne Whittal ☆ 7 review Free read Summer of the Weeping Rain Possible man to please So when Lisa heard his mother say You need a wife Adam someone like Lisa she didn't know whether to laugh or to run. 3Catching up with adding this one Reread the ending and I remember most of it terrible how soon they can fade Whittal is another old school I enjoy I m very much here for heroes who are only soft likable and loving to this one person who can only see they are indeed soft likable and loving And she does variations on that and does it well his hard cold looks frighten or put her off until they have their dawning realization and then ahh bliss same look but she finally gets the true meaningAlso heightened emotions good spark and usually snappy dialogue with interesting twists and turns of events that aren t tortured in contrivanceThat s a bit of a digression Kids in this one Not too precocious or precious Another woman to be a barrier but she s not a harpy The heroine is nuanced in recovering from a bad accident and the hero if you too look for it and then ahh yes see it falls for her early on and fights it every step Both himself and trying to drag out her response to fall too

characters · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Yvonne Whittal

characters · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Yvonne Whittal Yvonne Whittal ☆ 7 review Free read Summer of the Weeping Rain Iance A job on a distant Karoo farm offered a solution Unfortunately the job meant working for the devastating Adam Vandeleur He was an im. Pretty good old school romance Written in 1979 and the book is a bit dated in spots There s a slam or two against women s lib And really the hero had no concept of no means no But we re just talking punishing kisses here This book is totally clean as is usual for HRs of this periodI liked the characters The heroine Lisa is dainty uite and self contained but she and the hero strike sparks from each other The hero Adam is big and harsh and nasty to her at times especially in the beginning The conflict revolves around a Big Misunderstanding perpetrated by the Other Woman Willa You could see the progression as the hero fell for the heroine even without his POV That was pretty well done The writing was good and flowing Might not like a steady diet of these old Harleys but they re fun to read every once in a while