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  • Paperback
  • 272
  • The Name On Your Wrist
  • Helen Hiorns
  • English
  • 09 August 2018
  • 9780552569521

Helen Hiorns ☆ 4 Summary

Read & Download The Name On Your Wrist 104 characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Helen Hiorns characters The Name On Your Wrist R wristIn Corin's world your carpinomen the name of your soul mate marked indelibly on your wrist from the age of two or three is everything It's your most preciously guarded secret; a piece of knowledge that can give another person ultimate power over you People spend years even decades searching for the one they're suppo. Trigger warnings suicide self harm mental health car accident death of a parent Look I m not going to lie I picked this one up solely because it s basically a soulmate fan fic And I m trash for a good soulmate fic However this turned out to be dystopian story than anything Basically at some point in childhood a name is tattooed on your wrist It s taboo to show the name to anyone but it s common knowledge that it s the name of your soulmate Once you re of age you can start looking for your soulmate Corin is incredibly cynical about all of this She s dated a string of boys simply because it s frowned upon to do so She spends hours cultivating relationships online just to get hold of forbidden books and movies And she has very little motivation in life I liked the last 20ish pages than I liked the other 250 pages of the book The ending was surprising and gave a whole new level of depth to the world The rest of the story however waskind of disjointed There s insufficient worldbuilding There are plenty of holes in the story as well as some moderately icky stuff about how it s totally acceptable for LGBTIA people to acknowledge that they re LGBTIA and have a platonic soulmate relationship with a member of the opposite sex but it s hella taboo to have a sexual soulmate relationship with someone of the same sex Which WTF So yeah The ending was pretty surprising The rest of it wastoo romance heavy and occasionally dull So basically it s a 25 star book with a bonus half star for the ending

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Read & Download The Name On Your Wrist 104 characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Helen Hiorns characters The Name On Your Wrist Sed to be withBut what if you never find that person Or you do but you just don't love them What if you fall for someone else someone other than the name on your wristAnd what if like Corin the last thing in the world you want is to be foundThe gripping debut novel from the winner of the inaugural Sony Young Movellist Awar. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Random House Children s Publishers UK and Helen HiornsThe name on your wrist is set in England in a future where the name of your soul mate is tattooed on your wristI liked Corin the main character despite her aggressive personality She was flawed and self destructive a result of her father s deathThe characters and setting were all very well developed and believable The storyline was never dull and there were a couple of twists that I didn t see comingThis is a fantastic book that everyone should read

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Read & Download The Name On Your Wrist 104 characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Helen Hiorns characters The Name On Your Wrist It’s the first thing they teach you when you start school But they don’t need to; your parents tell you when you’re first learning how to say your name It’s drummed into you whilst you’re taking your first stumbling steps It’s your lullaby From the moment it first appears you don’t tell anyone the name on you. It s a rare treasure when you find a book with such a uniue concept that it captures your interest immediately and doesn t let go Until the conclusion that is but I ll get to that laterI ve said it before and I ll say it again dystopias are hit or miss for me I m still making my mind up about this book in general but I can t doubt that the world was beautifully created Everything that you needed was well explained in order to look at its conseuences for the characters That s also where this book is different from others while dystopias like The Hunger Games and Divergent are written in trilogies allowing time for an oppressed protagonist to change the world The Name on Your Wrist is a standalone where it s only the main character s outlook on her world which changesCorin is a cynic through and through with good reason as we learn through the novel the girl s been through a lot Her voice was fresh and interesting with plenty of character and hilarious witty comebacks I m one of those people who love to read them even though I suck at retorts myself and only think of something clever hours after the conversation when my brain is hyperactive before going to sleepShe manages to raise uestions that didn t just reflect to her life but made me think about our world right now and it s one of those great reads that makes you uestion everything even when you ve turned the last page Should humanity have a choice The immediate answer is yes but there s always an exception and this book explores thatThe Name on Your Wrist had one downfall the ending It simply didn t work for me The revelation made sense but in a way it still didn t Okay I m not explaining clearly It was like when you give your money at the checkout but the change doesn t look enough so you hand it back they double recount and everything s there but you re still not happy Basically it fell short and for that it lost a star in my ratingOverall though a very enjoyable read that s worth checking out for the enjoyment factor alonePosted on